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A Raffle to be STOKED About!!

Dude, there is so much cool stuff in this raffle...I'm not sure where to begin.   We're giving everyone a free raffle ticket at sign-in, but please remember to also bring CASH! Trust me, you're going to want what's on this raffle table! 

THANK YOU to every brand and individual that contributed something to Over And Out raffle and swag!!

Raffle Contributor Logos.png

I want to express to readers, especially attendees, just how excited and supportive the sponsors and raffle contributors have been about this event. Beyond sending us some of their best gear, apparel and other items, SO many of them extended heartfelt wishes for us to have an amazing time!!! We've been blessed with unlimited good vibes. Thank you again....

Want to see what's in the raffle? Visit our Instagram page and check out the "Raffle & Swag" Highlight to see all the raffle and swag pics we've posted so far! 

Food and Snacks at Over And Out

Ok so this is probably the most important topic for attendees: what is there to eat?! Get to know more about the food and snack options at Over And Out! 


Our amazing sponsor REV'IT! knows how crucial it is to take an adventure break with good food and good friends, so all ticket holders have a free boxed lunch thanks to REV'IT! 

Our lunches are being created by local chef Chef Deanna D'angelo, the only chef in the area that locally sources 95% of all her ingredients.

Photo from @chefdeannadangelo

Photo from @chefdeannadangelo

Photo from @chefdeannadangelo

Photo from @chefdeannadangelo

Chef Deanna sources most of her ingredients from a thirteen mile radius from her kitchen to insure you get only the highest quality ingredients New York has to offer. Organic food grown, raised or crafted closer to home is more nutritionally dense, and it sure tastes better too! 

At the time of ticket purchase you would have selected an organic chicken sandwich vs a non-dairy mozzarella sandwich. Lunches come with assorted beverages and a side snack. Boxes lunches will be delivered on-site around noon on Saturday 6/23. Riders can take their lunch break between rides, whenever they choose! 


We'll have on-site food for purchase on Saturday and Sunday, with all proceeds directly benefiting the Hancock Central School's travel abroad program. Make sure you bring CASH to support the kids who live right here in the town of Hancock.

Food service is being run by Bear Creek Sportsmen club member, teacher AND race mom Danielle Gross! The trail network at BCS is literally the backyard training grounds for her racing family. Her integration with the club, the sport and the community is incredible, so please help us support their cause! It's easy: all you have to do is EAT! :D 

race mom.jpg
  • Saturday and Sunday Morning Breakfast (7:30am) - Assorted breakfast sandwiches (english muffins with egg & cheese or ham, egg & cheese), bagels, bagel spreads like cream cheese and peanut butter, coffee, water.

  • Saturday Lunch (12-2) - Side dishes and sweet treats to accompany your REV'IT! boxed lunches.

  • Saturday Evening Cookout (5-8pm) - Burgers and dogs (vegetarian ones too!), grilled veggies, side dishes, drinks.

CASH only! 


ICYMI we've got the rad ladies of Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber bringing the good times and the good snacks for Saturday night's bonfire! BH&BR is providing tasty treats, but with a twist — providing some funky options to jazz up the traditional snack!


Snacks are important! And we've gotten support from a few of my favorite healthy snack brands. We've got these treats for every attendee:



Rebel Kitchen has sent us 3 delicious flavors of their Coconut Mylk drinks - coffee, chai or chocolate - for a tasty, refreshing and nutritious treat any time of the day.

Flavors available while supply lasts.  @rebel_kitchen

Bounce CMint.jpg


Bounce energy balls are healthy, delicious, all natural, and perfect for a quick nourishing bite or for packing to take along for the ride. 

I always ride with one stowed away in my hydration pack in case my energy gets zapped out on the trail.  @bounce_uk


We will not have food service on-site on Friday evening, so please pick up and bring foods, drinks and snacks on your way in to the event. There are several easy places to stop right in the Town of Hancock:

  • Tops Friendly Market - 16 W Main St, Hancock, NY 13783

  • Rite Aid (sells beer) - 119 W Main St, Hancock, NY 13783

  • Quickway Food Store - 90 W Main St, Hancock, NY 13783

  • There are local diners, McDonalds, and more in the town of Hancock.

  • Or, map a supermarket that is along your route toward Hancock, such as Pete's Market about an hour south on Rt 97 in Narrowsburg, NY.

Make sure you bring everything you need to stay nourished and hydrated, including water! Check out the ultimate packing guide!

BH&BR and MotorGrrrl are Bringing the Party!

If you think the fun stops after a day full of riding, think again because the ladies of NYC are bringing the party treats!  Come Saturday night the bonfire will be blazing and the ladies of Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber will be busting out essential campout party treats while MotorGrrl of Brooklyn breaks out the brews!

Black Circle on White.jpg

What's a campout with out some S'mores? BH&BR gals Leslie and Emilie will be bringing out the tasty treats with a twist — providing some funky options to jazz up the classic snack!  


We're proud to have these ladies, female owners of NYC area motorcycle brands and businesses, come out in support of the ladies attending Over And Out! 


Leslie, the owner of BH&BR, has created a brand that first started out with her beautiful, made-to-order boots, like some of our favorites in the ready-to-wear collection: the Nevada, Montana and the Vermont!  

And, AHEM, one lucky raffle winner will win a pair of boots from this collection!

VT black.jpg

Since then BH&BR has launched leather jackets, gloves, bags and more, changing the game in women's riding gear by producing products that adventurous women have been waiting for.  BH&BR recently collaborated with Vibram to create their own unique sole for their boots, soles that stand up to motorcycle riding and a life of action and adventure.

Meanwhile, Val from MotorGrrl will be rolling in with some brews to keep the party bubbling after a long day of riding is done.

Photo by John Saponara c/o

Photo by John Saponara c/o

MotorGrrl is a community motorcycle garage in Brooklyn owned by Val Figarella. Since opening in 2004 she's offered motorcycle garage memberships, motorcycle repairs and inspections, and puts on multiple events, rides and workshops throughout the year to help build a strong motorcycle community in NYC.   @motorgrrl

The Ultimate Packing Guide!

Our #fastfriend Meghan Milligan is no stranger to a moto-camping trip, and she put together a thorough packing list for all of us with all her top recommendations! Get ready to load up your bikes, trucks and trailers and say #overandout as you head off to our first ladies-only event! 

Check out the list and definitely chime in on social if you have any other recommendations we may have missed. :)

Photo by Heather MacEachern

Photo by Heather MacEachern


Riding Gear - Whether you’re taking it easy on the grass track or rippin’ through the woods, make sure you have the appropriate gear to avoid injuries! Check the event page for details on required gear.

  • Helmet

  • Goggles

  • Chest Protector

  • Knee Braces or Shin Guards

  • Elbow Guards

  • Jersey & Pants

  • Gloves

  • Riding Boots

  • Socks (be sure to bring extra)!

  • Hydration Pack — Not only are packs convenient to stay hydrated during riding, but a great way to carry snacks, phones & more.

Photo by Meghan Milligan

Photo by Meghan Milligan

Camping Gear - Everything you need to be comfortable and have a great time!

  • Tent (don't forget the rain cover just in case!)

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Sleeping Pad

  • Camping Chair

  • E-Z Up

  • Headlamp, Flashlight, Lighter

  • Solar showers can come in handy! Fill it with water, leave it out in the sun to get warm!

  • Knife, First Aid Kit

  • Battery Pack - The camp site has no power (& no hook-ups) so bring a battery pack to charge your phone or other devices. There is cell service on the mountain!

  • Trash bags - You are responsible for your own garbage so bring some bags so you can haul it out when you leave. Also good for packing up wet or dirty gear.

CASH!!!  Raffle, Merchandise and On-site Food (details coming) will be CASH ONLY. 

Clothing (Including Rain Gear!) - Keep an eye on the weather and pack accordingly. Feel free to include:

  • Hiking or Camping boots

  • Swimsuit and Towel

  • Sunnies

  • Rain Gear for both riding and hang-time

  • Cozy Layers - again just check the weather and pack appropriately ;)

Toiletries -

  • Wet Wipes (there are no showers so wet wipes will be your best friend!)

  • Toilet Paper (porta-potties will be fully stocked, but it doesn’t hurt to have extra)

  • Sunscreen & Bug Spray

  • Deodorant (like we said: no showers)

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Groceries - A delicious, healthy and locally prepared boxed lunch on Saturday 6/23 is included with your ticket, thanks to our amazing sponsor REV’IT! 

We will have additional food available for breakfast Sat & Sun, as well as dinner on Saturday, plus bonfire treats, courtesy of BH&BR! (Detailed Food post to come!) 

There are convenience stores, restaurants and diners close by in the town of Hancock. Rite Aid and the gas stations sell beer, Hancock Liquors sells everything but beer. :)  

  • Food & Snacks

  • Drinks - including the fun kind! ;)

  • WATER - for drinking, rinsing and washing.

Photo by Meghan Milligan

Photo by Meghan Milligan

Gas, Oil & Tools  -

  • Gas

  • 2-Stroke Oil (for you 2-smokers!)

  • Tool Roll

  • Extra Spark Plugs

  • Zip Ties

  • Tire Gauge

  • Tire Pump

  • Tire Tubes (you don’t want a flat tire to end your riding time!)

Hanover Powersports will be able to assist with minor repair or maintenance issues on-site. Please bring a credit card in case you need a service that they will need to charge for.

We'll be sending out the full schedule for lessons and guided dual sport rides, plus a detailed post on on-site food options this week! 

Guided Dual Sport Rides with Victoria Zandonella
Victoria Z.png

Victoria Zandonella, Northeast Dualsport Riders

Yamaha XT250, BMW F650gs, Zongshen RX3, Suzuki Gladius. 


40+ years! I started riding dirt when I was 10 years old and off-road riding always remained my foremost passion. I dabbled in enduro racing in my youth, and got my first road bike at age 16.

Berkshire Blast.jpeg


From a street-riding perspective my two-wheeled travels include all of the Northeast and Canadian maritimes and Mid-Atlantic as well as much of the mountainous western states.  

From the dirt side I’ve ridden all of New England extensively. PA & NY is my regular Dual Sport playground!

Passo Gavia.jpg


I’ve organized and led many road tours over the years, both on-road and off-road.  I started Northeast Dualsport Riders in 2013. I have led over 100 rides with NDR. Currently I am hosting the Mid-Atlantic Back Country Discovery Route (MABDR) as I write this! 

2016 Dutchess County Run.jpeg


Upon hearing of the Over and Out event I was thrilled for the opportunity to join the event and assist in any way I can to promote female dirt riders in the Northeast. A female-focused event like Over And Out is something we have yet to see offered in the Northeast until now. 

Journey of the Soul.jpg


There are a couple of options:  Riders can head out on their own using maps that will be provided on-site, or they can sign up for one of the guided rides! Here are details about each:

Self-guided Mapped Route (Easy as it gets):

This route in its entirety will cover roughly 85 miles of scenic dirt roads and blacktop, roughly 2.5 hours of riding. Ladies can grab a REV'IT! route map on-site and head out to explore on their own for however long they like. This route is friendly for big bike riders, newer riders or anyone looking for a less intense ride experience. 

Guided D/S Rides (Intermediate):

I will be leading two different guided D/S rides, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. 

This route will consist of 80 miles of intermediate level terrain, meaning it will be mostly dirt and class IV (unmaintained) dirt roads. Each of these rides will take roughly 3 hours.  

VZ BBA2016.jpg


Definitely be ready to roll at ride time with a full tank of gas, and an empty bladder! We'll put everyone in an order that makes sense and will ride to the pace of the least experienced rider, making a few routine stops to do rider checks and make sure everyone is feeling good. 

This article is from 2018.

Sign Up for Dirt Bike Lessons at Over and Out

We're excited and grateful to have MSF-dirtbike school coach, Mitch Schappert, join us at Over and Out, leading dirt bike lessons on the Yamaha Demo Fleet from Hanover Powersports!   Mitch has been an MSF-certified coach since 2006, and will be leading group lessons throughout the day on Saturday June 23rd at OAO, with the support of his two daughters, Erin and Mikayla.

Mitch Schappert

Mitch Schappert

Lessons are all levels, whether you've never been on a motorcycle before, or you're looking to learn some intermediate or advanced techniques to improve your skill set. Sign up to take a lesson on the Yamaha Demo Fleet, OR using your own bike! 


Sign Up for a lesson on your own bike, or on the Yamaha demo fleet made up of TTR 110, 125 and 230 trail bikes.  These bikes are perfect for new riders, so if you've never been on a motorcycle before, this is the ideal scenario for you!  



Mitch will be conducting a shorter version of the courses he teaches at the MSF's dirt bike school.  Riders will cover everything from the basics of learning controls to cornering techniques, figure-8's and going over obstacles.

All lessons will be conducted in a grass field, with access to some mowed grass tracks.  Helmets, goggles and gloves will also be available for use in the lesson.



Riders must wear long pants, long sleeves and boots that cover the ankles. Riders will be slated on a first-come, first-serve basis, and a schedule emailed to ticket holders just prior to the event.  

You must be an OAO ticket holder to sign up.

This post is from 2018.

WEBIG INC. Mini-MX Games
WEBIG minimx Square.jpg

Get ready to haul ass, have some fun and win some rad prizes from WEBIG INC. in the mini-mx games at Over And Out! 


Signup for the games will be on-site at Over And Out throughout the day of Saturday the 23rd. We'll go over the games and signup details at the riders meeting that morning, and you'll have until 4pm to sign up, while availability lasts. 

Riders will tie on a Camel Smokercross bib, guaranteed to make you go faster, and run through the game format for a chance to win one of multiple kickass prize packs from WEBIG INC.


  • A bike 125cc or smaller

  • Long sleeves and gloves

  • Helmet and goggles

  • Long pants and boots

And a smile, because this is all about having fun and winning cool shit. B)

Event Schedule and Terrain Options at Over And Out

This post is to help you get acquainted with the variety of riding options at Over And Out!

Thanks to a long winter (and zero Spring!) we'll be prepping trails and routes for Over And Out into the coming months to ensure we have the perfect variety of terrain and that everything is safely rideable.  Read on below for descriptions of each option!

Schedule last updated on 5/22/2018

Schedule last updated on 5/22/2018

First, don't think you need to adhere to any schedule!  Aside from the mandatory riders meeting, it's completely up to you which riding activities you take part in.  Also note that the above graphic is primarily for Saturday the 23rd.  Read on below so you can plan your best day ever at Over And Out! 

Mandatory Riders Meeting: ALL riders must be present at the mandatory rider meeting Saturday morning at 8:30am in the pavilion.

1-hour Group Lessons (All levels):  Thanks to Hanover Powersports, we'll have an MSF-certified (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) coach on site with a fleet of Yamaha TTR trail bikes! These bikes are perfect for learning on, and lessons will be done on grass. We'll slate you according to level (never ridden before, novice rider, intermediate, or advanced) and assign you a TTR-110, 125 or 230 based on your height, while availability lasts. You're welcome to ride your own bike as well. *Full Sign up details & instructions posted to the events page.

Grass Tracks / Woods Loops (All Levels - on site): The grass tracks are perfect for beginners, and fun for anyone that just wants to cruise. The Woods loops range from shorter novice loops to lengthy intermediate & advanced loops.  

2-hour Advanced Guided Ride (We'll say it again: Advanced!): Advanced riders can sign up for a 2-hour guided follow-the-leader style ride. *Sign up for this is on-site only, and you'll have time in the morning to ride the other loops first.

3-hour Guided Dual Sport Rides (Intermediate): Sign up for a guided group dual-sport ride that goes off-site on local routes. Ride your own plated dual sport or adventure bike. One in the morning and one in the afternoon, each accommodating roughly 10 ladies. *Full Sign up details & instructions posted to the events page.

Mapped REV'IT! Routes (Beginner-friendly, off site): We'll be creating a mapped route that explores some of the area's most beautiful country roads and local sights.  Grab a REV'IT! route map, and head out on your own. This route has finalized at a total of roughly 85 miles, taking approximately 2.5 hours in total ride time.  

WEBIG Inc. Mini-MX Games (All Levels):  Bust out those little bikes and HAUL ASS! Have some fun and win prizes in our mini-mx games. 

After all that riding, it's time to win some awesome goodies in the raffle and chill while the BH&BR bonfire heats things up!

Also, there will be food service on site for breakfast, mid-day snacks and dinner. 


Q: What if I have a dual sport and want to do the 3-hour guided ride, but also want to take a dirt bike lesson?  

When it comes time to sign up we'll allow you to select a preference: morning or afternoon.  If you select morning for one activity, make sure to select afternoon for the other. 

Q: I'm bringing a street-legal dual-sport bike, but also a small dirt bike. I'm pretty comfortable riding them both. What type of riding can I do?

The world is your oyster! You can sign up for a 3-hr guided dual-sport ride. You can ride your trail bike on the grass or in the woods (if you have full gear). You can take a route map and head out on your Dual Sport bike for part or all of the day. You can even take the map with you and ride it on your way out after the event! If the dirt bike is under 125cc you can also ride it in the WEBIG mini-MX games! ;)

Q: What if I don't have a bike?  

Any ticket holder can sign up for a 1-hour lesson on a Yamaha 110, 125 or 230, thanks to Hanover Powersports! (while availability lasts). This is a great way for new riders to get started, as lessons are on grass, led by an MSF-certified coach.  

Q: How advanced is the advanced ride? I'm nervous about it, wondering what it will be like. 

Some of the terrain at Hancock is known for being very challenging. Super gnarly. For example, they have one spot called "Hamburger Hill", as in it chews men up and spits 'em out haha! We will likely not be using this hill, but 'advanced' will still actually, truly mean ADVANCED!  

Sign up for this will be on-site only, and we've left time in the morning so that riders can check out other trails first and see how they're feeling! 

To register NOW click HERE!

Schedule as of 5-22-18 may be subject to minor change as route and trail prep continues..

The REV'IT! USA Women's Adventure Team is headed for Over And Out!

From day one, REV’IT! (@revit_official) has stepped up with incredible support for Over And Out!  We couldn’t think of a better time to introduce this sponsor than now, because they’ve just announced the newest additions to their 2018 USA Women’s Adventure Team, and a couple of these awesome ladies will be joining us this year to ride over the trails and out on the country roads at OAO!

@bmwmotorcyclegirl and @millieonthemove photographed by @sgtoepfer

@bmwmotorcyclegirl and @millieonthemove photographed by @sgtoepfer

First, we want to extend a massive congrats to the newest members of the REV’IT! USA Women’s Adventure Team: Anna Baklund and Jenna West. These adventure-loving ladies will be joining team members Amelia Kamrad, Erika Tango Bean and Loise Coleen Powers to represent REV'IT! at events, trainings and rides across the country!

@jensmotoadventures photographed by @tchon76

@jensmotoadventures photographed by @tchon76

@annabaklund photographed by @booskibrew

@annabaklund photographed by @booskibrew

REV’IT! makes some of the most functional and fashionable riding apparel for men and women who enjoy sport, urban and adventure riding.  Globally based in the Netherlands, their North-American headquarters are right nearby in Brooklyn, NY. They truly understand the type of weather and terrain challenges we face here in the Northeast, and their gear and apparel helps us take on everything nature throws our way. 

When we launched Over And Out, REV'IT! stepped in to offer great support, including a free lunch with your ticket! They're also sponsoring our street-legal dual sport routes and guided rides - more to come on that soon! ;)

Photo by @sgtoepfer

Photo by @sgtoepfer

Women's team riders, Amelia Kamrad (@millieonthemove) and Erika Tango Bean (@bmwmotorcyclegirl) will be joining us for two days and two nights of braaaping and bonding at Over And Out this June 22-24 in Hancock, NY. We can’t wait to ride with them!

@bmwmotorcyclegirl photographed by @sgtoepfer

@bmwmotorcyclegirl photographed by @sgtoepfer

@millieonthemove photographed by @sgtoepfer

@millieonthemove photographed by @sgtoepfer

“We’re thrilled that REV’IT! is sponsoring Over and Out. The support that they’ve shown for women who ride off-road demonstrates that they are behind this community 100%.  We're stoked to attend this event, and even more so that REV’IT! is a part of it!”  - Millie & Erika

Photo by @sgtoepfer

Photo by @sgtoepfer

Over And Out was created to include all types of female off-road riders, and to provide both exposure and education on a variety of off-road riding styles, terrain and bikes.  This includes woods, enduro and trail riding as well as dual sport and adventure riding. (Not sure what the difference is? We'll be posting about that next!)

@millieonthemove photographed by @sgtoepfer

@millieonthemove photographed by @sgtoepfer

While you may have seen these girls exploring long-distance adventure and rally routes, they will also be mixing it up and hopping on enduros to ride the on-site woods trails at Over And Out.  That’s what OAO is all about – seeing all that nature has to offer, learning the differences, and choosing your own adventure! 

Photo by @sgtoepfer

Photo by @sgtoepfer

Learn more about the REV’IT! USA Women’s Adventure Team by clicking here, and follow Millie and Erika as they adventure to Over And Out in Hancock, NY this June 22-24th! 

Photo by @sgtoepfer

Photo by @sgtoepfer

Hanover Powersports bringing the Discounts, Support and Lessons!

Hanover Powersports has stepped up for the ladies of Over And Out in a MAJOR way! 

Hanover Powersports is located in NJ and is a KTM, Honda and Yamaha dealer actively involved in a lot of rider events here in the Northeast.  The crew from Hanover knows the Over And Out location well, because they also support over a thousand riders at the Quarry Run Dual Sport each year! 

Musquin Dungey.jpg

As soon as they heard about our first event for female riders in the Northeast, they jumped in to support with full guns blazing! Thanks to Hanover, we’ve got: 

  • Discounts on new off-road bikes, parts and apparel

  • Dirt bike lessons at OAO with a certified coach (while availability lasts)

  • On-Site Mechanical Support at Over And Out

Read on, my lady-rippers!


Hanover Powersports carries the full line of KTM, Honda and Yamaha motorcycles, so if you’re looking to get a new bike (or your first bike!) prior to Over And Out, visit Hanover and take advantage of these special discounts:

Photo from Yamaha Motor Corp.

Photo from Yamaha Motor Corp.

Photo from KTM USA

Photo from KTM USA

$100 OFF any off-road bike 125cc and under, OR $125 OFF any off-road bike over 126cc

Offer good through 6/30/2018. Print or screengrab above details to present in-store.* 


Hanover Powersports also carries apparel, gear and parts from all the top brands. So get yourself suited and booted with helmets, goggles, boots, protective pads and more. Or, grab some woods-riding bike accessories like hand guards, fresh knobbies and more! 

Photo of Heather MacEachern by Bob Steiner

Photo of Heather MacEachern by Bob Steiner

GEAR-LAUREN 1000bw2.jpg

15% off Parts and Apparel  

Offer good through 6/24/2018. Print or screengrab above details to present in-store.*


One of the biggest missions of Over And Out is to help educate both new and current riders about a variety of bikes and terrain as well as riding techniques. These things are all crucial to riding success, but also to your enjoyment and stoke-level!

Thanks to Hanover Powersports we’ll have an MSF-certified (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) coach on site giving 1-hour lessons to groups of roughly 6 ladies at a time on their dirt-training fleet of Yamaha TTR-110’s, 125’s and 230’s.

Photo by Yamaha Motor Corp.

Photo by Yamaha Motor Corp.

These bikes are ideal for learning. They’re manageable in size and weight, have electric start, and are four-stroke, able to handle slower speeds with smooth and predictable power delivery, which is essential as you develop proper riding habits and muscle memory.   

If 1-hours time slots don’t completely fill up, you’ll have an opportunity to join in for a second lesson, availability permitting. This opportunity is HUGE and something riders of any level can and should take advantage of. 

Full details and sign up information will be shared in a blog post completely dedicated to the lessons. If you're on our email list you'll be the first to know, so make sure you're signed up! 



The Hanover team will be onsite offering general, minor repairs and adjustments to help keep y’all rolling!  They will accept credit cards on-site for services.

Please make sure your bike is in it’s best running order before coming, but should something happen rest assured you’ve got the support of Hanover Powersports!

*Discount offers are for Over And Out, expiration dates as cited above. These offers are good for one-time use and cannot be combined with other offers. Bring in a printout or screengrab of this post or the email we'll be sending to subscribers in order to redeem.

Meet Our Sponsor: Babes In The Dirt!

I was beyond excited when Babes In The Dirt came on board to sponsor Over And Out, because it's like having a stamp of quality!  Creating a great event takes dedication and detailed planning, for sure, but a dirt bike riding event also takes a lot of passion and experience. There's no shortage of any of these things at a Babes In The Dirt event!

Flyer are by @desirae201

Flyer are by @desirae201

This April is Babes In the Dirt's 4th annual event in Gorman, CA and I wouldn't miss it for the world! Read on to learn more about Babes In The Dirt 4...   -K

Photo by Genevieve Davis Photography

Photo by Genevieve Davis Photography

For over 4 years Babes In The Dirt has been providing ladies a place to experience a weekend of off-roading with their annual campout in Gorman, CA. For this year's event, April 27-29th, Babes In the Dirt has rented out the entire site at the Quail Canyon Special Event Area & Track

Photo by Genevieve Davis Photography

Photo by Genevieve Davis Photography

Photo by Genevieve Davis Photography

Photo by Genevieve Davis Photography

The Quail Canyon site has tons of space and incredible trails for beginners, intermediate riders, and even the pros! It even includes access to the motocross track in addition to the trail areas. 

Photo by Genevieve Davis Photography

Photo by Genevieve Davis Photography

Husqvarna will be back, bringing out demo bikes; Fox Women’s will be hosting a gear demo, SeeSee Motorcycles will be putting on their annual mini bike races, Thousand Oak Powersports will be on site wrenching on bikes that need a little help getting back on track, and WLF Enduro will be providing firewood and trail patrol to help ensure ladies make it back to camp.

Photo by Genevieve Davis Photography

Photo by Genevieve Davis Photography

Babes in the Dirt is a ladies only off-road campout for those who want to ride trails and practice their skills. The event is great for ladies who: 

  • Have only ridden street bikes and want to see what dirt is about.

  • Have never sat on a motorcycle. We HIGHLY recommend that new riders start on a dirt bike (so bring those "bike curious" friends with you that always say "I wanna try"). This is a great learning environment.

  • Have a lot of experience as a dirt rider. We have some pro ladies coming out that you can hit the hill climbs and black diamonds with!

Photo by Genevieve Davis Photography

Photo by Genevieve Davis Photography

Want to read more and stay connected?  Head over to to register and give them a follow @babesinthedirt to stay connected with all the fun that is Babes in the Dirt. 



About Bear Creek Sportsmen

Over And Out was created for a bunch of important reasons, but one BIG one is that we wanted to open the doors to some amazing riding land, and create a special riding opportunity just for the ladies. 

Over And Out has partnered with the Bear Creek Sportsmen riding club of Hancock, NY to do just that.  Together, we're bringing you exclusive access to this amazing property with routes and guidance for every level of rider!

Photo by Kelly McCaughey

Photo by Kelly McCaughey


Bear Creek Sportsmen is an AMA sanctioned riding club that formed back in 2002 with the express purpose of preserving recreational riding land here in the Northeastern US.  Facing the dilemma of a shrinking availability of riding land, the club members banded together to preserve their own private woods and dual sport riding heaven.

Not only are they passionate about preserving this land, they’re passionate about riding. The club is made up of people who have decades of experience both in racing, competing, and running events from Enduros, to Hare Scrambles, Dual Sports and Vintage events. 


This year will mark the 20th year of their infamously challenging Quarry Run Dual Sport.  It is also the very FIRST year that they will be hosting a ladies-only ride: Over And Out!

The Bear Creek property occupies over 1,000 acres of extensive and ever-expanding trails that are nothing short of amazing. While Over And Out will cater to ALL levels of riders, the property does boast some of the most challenging terrain around.

Graham Jarvis at Bear Creek Sportsmen. Photo by Steve Hatch Racing.

Graham Jarvis at Bear Creek Sportsmen. Photo by Steve Hatch Racing.

The Club has hosted ISDE Qualifiers, the first US World Enduro in 2006 and another in 2007. Their Quarry Run Dual Sport is one of the most challenging events around, bringing riders from around the country.  This past fall Graham Jarvis came to teach a private enduro clinic.

Photo by Kelly McCaughey

Photo by Kelly McCaughey

I myself have ridden through forest trails reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest, have ridden down trickling stone waterfalls, and have stopped in the middle of rocky passes to gape at bald eagles flying overhead.

Photo by Kelly McCaughey

Photo by Kelly McCaughey


For Over And Out, the site will be prepared with miles of grass tracks and fields for newer riders and for the beginner to intermediate on-site lesson groups we'll be running  - more to come on that! ;)  

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We’ll also mark some loops in the woods for different levels of riders. They're meant to be a challenge but nothing's better than working your way through a tough trail with your friends. Our sweeps will be riding these trails to help you out and ensure safety. 

Photo courtesy Bear Creek Sportsmen

Photo courtesy Bear Creek Sportsmen

We'll also have a fully guided advanced ride on Saturday that riders can sign up for onsite. Just a heads up: "advanced" here is like really, really advanced. So if you're that kind of gnarly babe, we've got the trails for you too!


The local area offers amazing riding for partially-street equipped and heavier dual sports and adventure bikes.  We will be offering mapped routes for these bikes to ride off-site on a variety of rural terrain. 

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The town of Hancock is known as the "Gateway to the Upper Delaware" and it sits right where the Delaware river splits into an east and west branch at the base of Point Mountain. The club has a great relationship with the town of Hancock, and serves as an asset to the community by drawing in visitors to these few public events each year.

Photo: Wikimedia commons

Photo: Wikimedia commons

There are convenient stores, diners, restaurants and hotels within 2 miles of the club property. For those of you riding OUT on the street-legal routes, stop into the local establishments in this quaint town! Explore more at

Bear Creek Sportsmen donates to local organizations each year, and members are always seeking ways to give back through their events. Proceeds from Over And Out tickets and raffle will also be supporting these efforts, something you can feel pretty GREAT about! 

Stay tuned, and sign up for our emails, because full event information and registration will be going live March 14th!