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Lampi MX Training at OAOMX

We’re stoked to have Lampi MX Training classes at Over And Out Moto-X! These 3-hour classes will be held on Saturday, October 5th on the motocross track. These classes are ideal for riders who who are comfortable and capable on their dirt, motocross and woods bikes and are looking to improve crucial techniques.

Get to know professional motocross rider Aaron Lampi, and get all the details about the Lampi MX Training classes!

aaron lampi 813.jpg

Aaron Lampi, Lampi MX Training @lampi813


Hey, my name is Aaron Lampi. I’m 24 years old and currently live in Fishkill,NY. I started riding when I was 4 years old. My goal was always to become a professional motocross racer. I turned pro at the age of 16 and still race professionally today!

I started teaching 5 years ago as a hobby and to help some of my friends. Now, you could call it a “job” but, I love sharing my knowledge and seeing other people’s riding skills improve.

Aaron Lampi motocross.JPG


I’m so blessed with the life I’m living. During the week, I train riders everyday. When I’m not training, I’m riding and or at the gym! And on the weekends I race. There’s not much time left in a week for much else.

I race almost every weekend starting in April and ending in October. In fact, right after I teach at OAOMX on Saturday October 5th, I’ll be racing the very next day!


The best part about riding and racing dirt bikes is that it’s one of the only times in my life where I’m completely “in the moment”.



I have trained a few female motocross riders! A few that come to mind are Bella Kozloski, Gabriella Marafioti, and Amberly Goyette!



My classes cater to a variety of riders. I will individualize attention during the class so I can help each rider on what that rider needs to work on. I will have the class work sections on the track (using a certain span of track, a turn, a jump or other track feature). Riders will receive detailed explanation of technique and apply it on the track repeatedly.

Throughout each drill, I will watch each rider and pull each rider side to give them individual feedback on what they're doing right and what they can do to improve.  We will go over a lot of information like; Attack Position, Cornering Position, Clutch Use, Braking, Acceleration, Jumping, Transitions, Riding Knowledge, and more!



Absolutely! Not every rider has to have a motocross-specific bike. A rider on a woods bike can dial in their technique just as well in my class.

Check out the registration page for ALL details and bike and gear requirements.

NOTE: There are two different class offerings at OAOMX: Lampi MX Training and GPMX Dirty Girls. They are both on Saturday 10/5 and overlap because they are two different offerings based on rider experience. If you are unsure which class is for you, check out their descriptions on our blog and feel free to send any questions to

And, aside from classes, there will be open riding time on the track and throughout the property.


This October 4-6, 2019 we’re hosting our first women’s motocross technique and training event called Over And Out Moto-X! We’re taking over a beautiful private farm in Stockton, NJ to camp, take lessons, ride dirt bikes and have a blast! HERE’S why you should come to this event…

Flyer Illustration by Lydia Roberts, @lydiarobotica

Flyer Illustration by Lydia Roberts, @lydiarobotica


  • Newer off-road riders, or Intermediate riders looking to up their skills and gain confidence.

  • Experienced dirt bike, enduro or woods riders who’ve never ridden a track or can benefit from technique training and the repetition of a track environment, and

  • Motocross riders who want to ride this amazing, professionally-built motocross track and have a fun time with other rad, like-minded ladies!

  • Street-focused dual-sport riders who want to camp on site and ride out to explore the local sights.

IMG_4738 copy.JPG


We’re taking over a pristine private farm in beautiful Stockton, NJ that is equipped with a professionally-built motocross track, trails though fields and woods, a moto clubhouse, a moto garage and more.

IMG_4658 copy.JPG


Ride a private, fun and professionally-built motocross track - built by DirtWurx! DirtWurx is thee expert crew that builds the tracks in stadiums nationwide for Supercross! Track-building is a science and and art, and these guys do it better than anyone.

DirtWurx Supercross3.jpg
DirtWurx Supercross1.jpg

A motocross track can be super intimidating, but this one is built right and can be approached and enjoyed by riders of all levels - whether you’re looking to take your first roll over a tabletop jump or knock out a Bubba scrub. Riding a track is a great exercise for ALL riders, because it offers you repetition and the opportunity to repeatedly test and perfect proper riding techniques.



The farm property is beautifully maintained. The fields used for camping are not used for animals, and there is a fun perimeter route and short woods trails that are ideal for newer riders or for anyone who wants to cruise around. Mini bikes are especially fun here!

Perimeter Route.jpg

The local area offers some of the most beautiful sights and motorcycle friendly exploration. Ride along the Delaware River stopping in Frenchtown, New Hope, Lambertville or Washington’s Crossing or exploring local sights at the peak of fall riding season!

Photo of Goat’s Hill Overlook by Kevin Giannini

Photo of Goat’s Hill Overlook by Kevin Giannini


This event’s format will include scheduled lesson groups for all levels of riders, PLUS open riding time on the track, field and farm perimeter trails for all riders.

LAMPI MX TRAINING Class - Book a 3-hour on-track training session Saturday 10/5 with professional motocross racer Aaron Lampi of Lampi MX Training to elevate crucial skills and techniques on the track. Full Details HERE.

GPMX Dirty Girls Class - Book a full-day class Saturday 10/5 with GPMX’s Dirty Girls class - available with or without a bike! Full Details HERE.

These training classes each have their own cost aside from the base event ticket. If you’re confused as to which class is for you, email us at More activities will be announced as the event nears, so make sure you are signed up for emails and following us on social!

WEBIG Inc Mini-MX Games

The WEBIG Inc Mini-mx games make a glorious return, so roll out those mini bikes and get ready to riiiiip!

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel

Sign up ON SITE to race against your buds Saturday evening at OAO. You’ll tie on a WEBIG race bib - an exact replica of the old Camel bibs worn by the MX gods in the golden days of motocross - guaranteed to make you faster!

WeBig MiniMX Games.jpg

This year we’ll have three different classes, so you can braaaap against your peers:

  • Ass-haulin’ A-class - max 125cc

  • Badass B-class - max 100cc

  • Nervous Novice - no shame in the newb game. Let’s DO this! ;)

Winners of each class will be awarded an epic prize-pack full of radical WEBIG Inc gear! (Again, sign-up will be on site).

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel

WEBIG is also coming in hot at the raffle table! You could win the sickest raffle bundle that’ll make your mom and dad say “holy shit that’s a sick-ass raffle bundle!” So get stoked and ready to rip!


PSSST - at the time of posting this, WEBIG Inc has a flash sale going on, 25% Off your entire order online with the code 2STROKE! Git It!

CubanoXPress Food Truck and REV'IT Breakfast

When you’re braaaping all day and burning cals there’s nothing better than good FOOD!

First, we’ve got CubanoXPress joining us this year on both Friday and Saturday. They came highly recommended for their flavorful and filling foods, and they have veggie options! Check out their Main menu and Breakfast menu below…


MAIN MENU (Lunch & Dinner)

Other Items:

Loaded Yuca Fries - Yuca fries, pulled pork and mojito sauce $10

Cuban Nachos - Fried plantains, sofrito cheese, chimichurri sauce and choice of chicken or pulled pork $10

Cubano Platter (dinner only) - White rice, black beans and plantains with pulled pork, chicken or roasted vegetables. $10

Sides - $5 each

White Ride and Black Beans

Yuca Fries


Ham Croquettes

Cuban Sandwiches:

Cubano - marinated pork, ham, swiss cheese and pickles on Cuban bread with mustard and a drizzle of mojito sauce $9

Cubano Caliente - marinated pork, ham, pepperoni, spicy capicola, swiss cheese our Havana heat sauce and mojito sauce $9 

Que Veggie Cuba! - Zuchinni, Squash, roasted peppers, eggplant with chimichurri sauce and garlic hummus $8

Chickano - marinated grilled chicken, sofrito mayo, chimichurri sauce with a lettuce and tomato salad $8

Cubano BLT - marinated pork, ham, applewood smoked bacon, Swiss Cheese and sofrito mayo topped with a lettuce tomato mojito salad $10

Bisteca - marinated steak topped with lettuce and tomato mojito salad, sofrito mayo and potato sticks $9



BREAKFAST (Saturday Only)


Home fries $4

Fresh fruit salad $4

Coffee $2

Breakfast Sandwiches on Cuban bread:

Egg and Cheese $5

Egg and Cheese with Bacon, Ham, Taylor Ham or Spicy Capicola $7

Veggie Omelet $7

Bagels REV'IT Breakfast.png

REV’IT! Sunday Morning Breakfast

Before we get ready to REV'IT! one last time, we’ll fuel up with a family-style bagel breakfast, courtesy of our sponsor REV’IT! We’ll have an assortment of bagels, muffins, spreads plus coffee and juice.

We’ll also be giving out some great prizes from REV’IT! during breakfast. Come fill up before you roll out!


Don’t forget to pack whatever snacks, foods and beverages you prefer to have on hand for the weekend. Check out our 2019 packing list and tips for getting everything you need in Tamaqua, PA, or do a little google map sleuthing and see what’s nearby!

GPMX Obstacle Course and BetaUSA Enduro Games

Over And Out can be as chill of an experience as you want it to be, but this event was created to open the doors to more technical and challenging enduro riding. Our area is known for having some of the toughest terrain in the country, so for those of you ready to shred: you are in the right place!

For those of you looking to test your skills, practice technique, or try something technical for the very first time: you'll also be in the right place! That’s how OAO rolls. ;)

Check out our on-site obstacle training course, hosted by Greg Pamart of GPMX, and compete in our enduro games to win prizes from our sponsor Beta USA!

Photo of Morgan Tanke by Dihann Tanke, courtesty BetaUSA gallery

Photo of Morgan Tanke by Dihann Tanke, courtesty BetaUSA gallery

GPMX Obstacle Course

GPMX will be creating and hosting a course created with both man-made obstacles like a see-saw, balance beam, as well as natural features of the terrain like rock gardens, water crossings and logs.

Photo courtesy GPMX

Photo courtesy GPMX

The course will have open sessions throughout Friday and Saturday of the event. There is no need to sign up in advance! You can also stop by to watch, and jump in if and when you’re ready!

Photo by Kelly McCaughey

Photo by Kelly McCaughey

BetaUSA Enduro Games

Saturday 6/22 starting at 6pm, we’ll be hosting a variety of onsite games, including a timed Enduro Game that will use the same features on the obstacle course! Once you’ve been able to practice, return to the scene of the grind to compete to win prize packs from our sponsor Beta USA!

Winner is determined by timing though a series of obstacle challenges, with potential points deductions for a foot down. Winners will walk away with a sweet prize pack from Beta USA!!!

Beta pack 1.jpg
Packing List and Tips!

IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! We are less than 2 weeks away from Over And Out — the perfect time to grab those last minute supplies! Skim through our packing list to make sure you are prepared for the best time of your off-road, moto-lovin' lives!

And, read further below for tips on where you can find necessities near the new event location.



Whether you’re taking it easy on the grass track or rippin’ through the woods, make sure you have the appropriate gear! Check the event page for details on required gear.

  • Helmet

  • Goggles

  • Chest Protector

  • Knee Braces or Shin Guards

  • Elbow Guards

  • Neck Brace

  • Jersey & Pants

  • Gloves

  • Boots

  • Socks (be sure to bring extra)

  • Hydration Pack —  Not only are packs convenient to stay hydrated during riding, but a great way to carry snacks, phones & more!



Everything you need to be comfortable! There will be plenty of space to camp where you park! 

  • Tent (don't forget the rain cover — we're in the Northeast)

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Sleeping Pad

  • Camping Chair

  • E-Z Up, Pop-up tents or sun-umbrellas

  • Headlamp, Flashlight, Lighter

  • Camp stove, jet boil etc. (no individual open fires however)

  • Solar showers! Fill it with water, leave it out in the sun to get warm!

  • Knife

  • First Aid Kit

  • Battery Pack - The camp site has no power (& no hook-ups) so bring a battery pack to charge your phone or other devices.

  • Trash bags - You are responsible for your own garbage so bring some bags so you can haul it out when you leave. Also good for packing up wet or dirty gear.



Raffle, Merchandise and Food Truck will be CASH ONLY.


Keep an eye on the weather and pack accordingly. Feel free to include:

  • Boots/Comfy Shoes

  • Sunnies

  • Rain Gear for both riding and hang-time

  • Cozy Layers - again check the weather and pack appropriately ;)

  • Extra socks - clean socks mean the world at the end of a long riding day!



We will have some nice Porta-potties on site (getting services half-way through the event so they’ll be nice and clean. And hand-washing stations.

  • Wet Wipes (there are no showers so wet wipes will be your best friend!) 

  • Toilet Paper (There will be porta-potties will be stocked, but it doesn’t hurt to have extra)!

  • Sunscreen & Bug Spray

  • Deodorant (like we said: no showers)

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste

  • NOTE: Along with porta-potties, there will also be hand washing stations, but no showers or drinking water.



We will have a food truck on site, but there are also grocery stores and restaurants in town:

  • Food & Snacks 

  • WATER - for drinking, rinsing and washing.

  • Drinks - gotta stay hydrated! ;) 

  • Stocked Cooler - for your chilled food/drink.



  • Gas

  • Oil (2-Stroke Oil for you 2-smokers!)

  • Tool Roll

  • Extra Spark Plugs

  • Zip Ties

  • Tire Gauge

  • Tire Pump

  • Tire Tubes

  • RyanCo will be onsite with their complete race rig and a normal assortment of items, based on your registered bike makes/models!

  • Motorgrrl will be on site leading oil-change workshops with Motul motor oil, and offering any assistance needed.

Tamaqua aerial view.png


CARWASH (Open Bay) - The Washery System - 200 Cedar St, Tamaqua, PA 18252

WALMART Supercenter - 35 Plaza Dr, Tamaqua, PA 18252

GROCERIES - Boyer’s Food Market - 210 Cedar St, Tamaqua, PA 18252

GAS STATION (With lots of room to pull in and park) – Fegley’s Mini Mart & Valero - 30 Center St. Tamaqua, PA 18252 

AUTO PARTS - Advance Auto Parts - 102-108 Center St, Tamaqua, PA 18252. (570) 668-1962

GREAT FOOD – Tamaqua Station Restaurant - 18 N Railroad St, Tamaqua, PA 18252 (570) 668-3800 

BEER TO-GO - Sisters Cantina Inc 1315 E Broad St, Tamaqua, PA 18252 (570) 668-7837

WINE & LIQUORS - Fine Wine & Good Spirits - 141 N Railroad St, Tamaqua, PA 18252


Some people have reached out about camping the night before or after the event, but unfortunately attendees are only permitted on the event property from 6/21 11am through 6/23d 2pm.   

Check out these nearby parks and camp areas for camping outside of our event times: 

Tuscarora State Park

Locust Lake State Park

KOA Campgrounds in PA

KOA Campgrounds in Allentown, PA


Motorgrrl X Motul Demo Workshops

We’re super stoked to announce the Motorgrrl x Motul pop-up at this year’s Over And Out!!

With Motorgrrl x Motul you can sign up for FREE to join an oil-change class, working on your own bike, under the guidance of female mechanic Christina Peterson from Motorgrrl.


  • Change the oil in your own bike by reserving a space in an Oil-change class.

  • FOUR (4) Class times offered, FIVE (5) spots per class:

    • FRIDAY 6/21 | 3-4:30 pm & 6-7:30 pm

    • SATURDAY 6/22 | 12-1:30 pm & 3-4:30 pm

  • If you do not get into a class, or do not want to change the oil in your bike, you are more than welcome to observe any class at OAO2019. You don’t need to reserve a spot to do that.

  • Oil being used is Motul 7100 10W40 Synthetic 4-stroke, and Motul 710 Synthetic 2-stroke (See photographs below).

  • If you do not want to use this oil, you can still join a class but you’ll need to please bring your own oil. You can submit a request or comment to Motorgrrl at time of sign-up.


Motorgrrl is an amazing female-owned east-coast business, redefining the way the motorcycle community in Brooklyn comes together, wrenches and rides. If you think city people don’t ride dirt bikes, you are dead wrong! We have so many ladies join us from NYC, Philly, Boston, Pittsburgh and beyond to rip two wheels in this gnarly eastern PA territory. We’re proud to have these ladies out to teach, ride, riiiip and wrench with Motul high-performance motor oils!

Guided Dual Sport Rides

We’re super proud to have the Del Val Trail Riders as our partners, helping us create amazing dual sport routes for this year’s Over And Out! The DVTR team knows the area well, and has not only helped us create banging routes, but key members will be supporting us as guides and sweeps!

For riders with plated dirt bikes, enduros or dual sport bikes, these rides will go out from the OAO event space and explore some awesome off-road routes in the local area. Reminder: you must have an event ticket to sign up for the dual sport rides! Get one here.

Learn all about this year’s rides and sign up below!

Marika Pamart Dual Sport.jpg


Our amazing guide this year is Marika Pamart, a passionate rider and coordinator of all-women’s track days. Marika will be leading the pack, flanked by experienced dual sport sweeps from the DVTR. You’ll be in excellent hands on this ride, 1000%!

Marika is super passionate about female riding experiences, and just as Over And Out was created to provide cross-exposure for women who ride enduro vs. dual sport, Marika also created a program called Ruts To Racelines that has the same philosophy - exposing asphalt track riders to dirt and vice-versa!

Marika Pamart Over And Out.jpg



Friday’s route will go out from OAO to the town of Centralia, PA, once a populated coal mining town until an uncontrollable underground fire broke out in the mining tunnels back in 1962, still burning to this day!


The town went into decline, and in the 90’s the town’s buildings were condemned and the zip code officially eliminated. Since then the ground has continued to fissure and shift making it an eerie sight. The town was the inspiration for the design of the psychological horror game, Silent Hill.

Silent Hill.jpg

What was once PA Route 61 has over time come to be known as The Graffiti Highway. Here’s a nice article about The Graffiti Highway on Forbes. And, here’s a hilarious one from Buzzfeed.

Centralia OffRoad.jpg
Centralia Graffiti Highway.jpg


The town of Jim Thorpe was originally named Mauch Chunk, meaning “Mountain of the Sleeping Bear”. Nestled between beautiful ridges full of foliage, it has been referred to as “The Switzerland of America” and consistently named one of the Most Beautiful Small Towns in America!


Saturday’s dual sport ride will depart from the OAO event and cover a wide range of terrain: farm roads with sweeping views, dirt trails through the woods, rocky haul roads and more. You’ll stop along some beautiful overlooks for fun photo ops before making your way into the town of Jim Thorpe.

XT250 Yamaha.jpg
Marika WR250r.jpg

This ride will stop in town by about 12pm to grab lunch at Molly Maguires (lunch is not included). The restaurant is named for the Molly Maguires - a 19th century Irish secret society known for activism, but whose members were accused of crimes and executed right in the town of Mauch Chunk, now Jim Thorpe. This history remains a big piece of local Pennsylvania lore.

And on the way back you’ll stop for ice cream! haha.

NJORR Lessons & DS2160x10802.jpg


  • These routes are for plated, registered and insured bikes, low to mid-range cc.

  • We recommend a max of 650cc, flexible to what you are comfortable on.

  • You must have a license and wear a DOT helmet, familiarize yourself with hand signals.

  • We strongly encourage full protective riding gear - armored jackets, boots, gloves.

  • Please read ALL the guidelines, requirements and recommendations on the Eventbrite registration page.

  • Please be prepared at your time of departure with a full tank and an empty bladder :)

And, of course, have a frickin’ BLAST!!!

Dirt Bikes and S'mores and Bears, Oh My!

This year, Over And Out is in a brand new event space, and a whole extra day, so we know that ladies rolling in on Friday are going to dive right in to get the lay of the land and braaaap their hearts out!

Come Friday night, as the sun sets on our first day of riding, we’ll be joined by environmental education specialist, Robin Tracey, from our neighbor to the north, the Tuscarora State Park. Robin will join us around the fire to tell us all about local furry “friends”, and my own personal spirit animal: bears!


Part of living an adventurous lifestyle is acknowledging the responsibility that comes along with venturing into the natural habitats of bears and other animals.

Both Tuscarora and Locust Lake state parks offer a wide variety of environmental education, recreational, and interpretive activities, like guided walks, and evening programs. Through these activities, participants gain appreciation, understanding, and develop a sense of stewardship toward natural resources.

IMG_0461 (1280x960).jpg

Robin will tell us all about bears of the world, and of this region, their habitats, as well as feeding and sleeping habits. We’ll also discuss what you should do if you encounter a bear in the wild. (I’m torn between running away screaming vs. trying to feed it by chucking it some of my Honey Stingers. I’m sure Robin will advise.)

Here’s a picture of baby bears, just because…


Robin’e Bear Talk will be happening on-site at Over And Out Friday 6/21 at 7:30pm. We’ll light the bonfire (weather permitting), bust out the s’mores and get our bear-ings! ;P

Bears of PA-1500px.jpg

For anyone who isn’t necessarily riding a motorcycle the entire time at OAO, you can also join Robin for an educational hike through the Tuscarora State Park:

Saturday 6/22 at 10:30am - Hike through the Tuscarora State Park’s Crow, Lake View and Spirit Trails. The hike is 9 miles in length, and moderate in difficulty. Meeting place is in the Crow Trail parking lot. Shine only, and bring a lunch (and hiking-worthy shoes obvi) Specific questions? Call Robin at (570) 467-2506.

Meet Beta USA Pro Racer, Rachel Gutish!

With Over And Out less than a month away, we’re ALL getting super excited! This year we have Beta USA pro racer Rachel Gutish joining us! Rachel races GNCC and competes in some of the more technical enduro events in the country. It’ll be really awesome to watch her rip (and maybe even get a few casual pointers from her on how to tackle some of the gnarliest stuff!)

Get to know Rachel, learn more about why Betas are great bikes for technical riding and for women, and read to the end to get a little heads up on some more fun going down at OAO.

Photo by Ken Hill courtesy Beta USA Gallery

Photo by Ken Hill courtesy Beta USA Gallery

Rachel Gutish - Beta 390RR Enduro


I started riding when I was five years old, and started racing when I was seven. My dad was a good local A rider and even competed on a club team in the ISDE (International Six Days Enduro). I was six years old when he went overseas to compete, and I remember wanting more than anything to go with him.

I thought getting to do that was the coolest thing ever, and I decided right then that someday I was going to do the Six Days too. The year I turned sixteen, I qualified on the Women’s Trophy Team; The hard work paid off and the dream actually came true! 

Photo by @EGutishPhotography

Photo by @EGutishPhotography


I already talked a bit about the ISDE, which I competed in from 2012 through 2016. I have two silver medals, two mechanical failures and one fairly stupid crash which lead to an unfortunate DNF. :/

Primarily I’ve raced the GNCC series (the Grand National Cross Country), even though it isn’t necessarily the type of racing I feel like I’m the best at. No matter what else I was doing, I always raced the GNCC’s, even if it was only for part of the season. I have raced the NEPG series off and on, and I raced EnduroCross for several seasons. I also have a Bronze Medal from the X Games for EnduroCross.

I now compete in Extreme Enduros like Tough Like RORR (which takes place right across the street from the new Over And Out property!), and the TKO (Kenda’s Tennessee Knock Out). These events sort of help fill that technical-racing void now that I’m not pursuing EnduroCross. I tied with Chantelle Bykerk as the first female rider to finish Knock Out One on Pro day, and tied with my teammate Morgan Tanke as the first female finisher of at King of the Motos.

Photo by Ken Hill courtesy Beta USA Gallery

Photo by Ken Hill courtesy Beta USA Gallery


I started out riding for Beta last year as a support rider after suffering an injury and losing my place on another team. Words really can’t express how grateful I am to Tim and Rodney at Beta for taking a chance on me. Especially given that they already had a female rider, my buddy Morgan Tanke, on the West Coast. They were satisfied enough with my performance last year to promote me up to the factory team this year, which is really amazing.

Photo by @EGutishPhotography

Photo by @EGutishPhotography

Not all teams can commit the resources to put more than one woman on their team - even when the two riders have their own speciality (Morgan and I both rode EnduroCross for several seasons, but she does the west coast desert-racing series like Hare and Hound, while I stick to the GNCCs and other east coast off road races).

So, aside from my deep personal gratitude to Beta for taking a chance on an injured rider when nobody else would, I think it’s awesome that they see women’s racing as legitimate enough to have even one female rider on their factory team, let alone two! It also doesn’t hurt that their bikes are hands-down my favorite to ride. I love the stability of the chassis and the smooth power.

Photo by Ken Hill courtesy Beta USA Gallery

Photo by Ken Hill courtesy Beta USA Gallery


Right now I ride a 390 RR, and before anyone asks, yes it is a little heavy and a lot of bike for somebody my size. But I’ve mostly ridden four-strokes through my career, and the Beta is incredibly tractable and controllable. And I love the massive amounts of power you have there at your fingertips.

With a bike like that, just a little twist of the throttle is enough to pop a massive power wheelie strong enough to carry you right over the nearest ditch/log/downed rider (mostly kidding about that last one) with ease.

Photo by Ken Hill courtesy Beta USA Gallery

Photo by Ken Hill courtesy Beta USA Gallery

And I never have to worry about getting outmotored in the open fields and grasstracks. With that being said though, since I am coming back from an injury, Beta and I have been discussing the possibility of me trying a lighter small-bore two-stroke, just to see how I like it. Can’t say much more than that about it now though, you guys will just have to wait and see what I unload out of my van on Friday morning at OAO!


The first time I heard about Over And Out was when Beta sent me an email asking me if I would attend the event (since Beta was sponsoring it). So I checked out the website and watched the MakeUp To Mud feature, and I realized this wasn’t just going to be the standard “I’m going to this event because my team asked me to” situation. I’m REALLY excited about this!

Photo by Ken Hill courtesy Beta USA Gallery

Photo by Ken Hill courtesy Beta USA Gallery

I mostly ride with guys. Usually for me, getting to go and just ride with another female in a non-competitive situation is a huge treat, so getting to ride with a massive group of women who love the sport as much as I do is going to be awesome!


I heard something about an obstacle course*, which sounds right up my alley. Technical riding is still my favorite kind of riding! I’m also looking forward to doing some trail riding and hanging out - most of the time when I’m on the bike it’s super-focused training, so I’m really looking forward to kicking back and having some FUN!


*So, cats out of the bag - aside from all the natural obstacles on the property we will have a small obstacle course, and an obstacle portion of our games - provided and run by GPMX and with prize packs courtesy of Beta USA! Stay tuned for a full post about all the games at OAO! ;)

NJORR Group Lessons at Over And Out!

North Jersey Off-Road Riding School will be on site providing group lessons. NJORR is owned and operated by off-road coach Mitch Schappert, who will be joined by daughters Erin & Mikayla to offer fun, supportive, and confidence-boosting instruction at OAO!

You must have a ticket to Over And Out 2019 in order to attend and take advantage of these group sessions. Check out the schedule, and descriptions below:

NJORR Lessons & DS2160x1080.jpg


INTRO (1.5 hrs)

If you are brand new to riding a motorcycle at all, or If you're brand new to riding an off-road motorcycle (dirt bike). All the basics will be covered: proper body position, starting the bike up, controls, braking, shifting gears. Classes will be conducted on flat, grass-covered terrain.

  • Gear required - Full-face helmet, gloves, goggles, boots that cover the ankle, long pants, long sleeves

  • Bikes - Bring Your Own OR there are a limited number of loaner bikes available for intro lessons only. Select that option if you need a loaner.


"Intermediate" is a broad word, which is why these classes are longer. Most attendees will fall into this category. These groups will use different areas on the property to practice techniques in natural scenarios: going up and down hills, making tight turns, improving form and speed, crossing obstacles, crossing rocks, and more techniques you can put to use during the remainder of your time at OAO!

  • Gear required - Full-face helmet, gloves, goggles, off-road riding boots, gear set, knee, back, and/or elbow protection.

  • Bikes - BYO

ADVANCED (1.5 hrs)

This Advanced session will teach the techniques behind next-level moves like larger obstacle crossing, pivot-turns and everyone's favorite...wheelies! 

  • Gear required - Full-face helmet, gloves, goggles, off-road riding boots, gear set, knee, back, and/or elbow protection.

  • Bikes - BYO



Who can register for lessons? All ticket holders. You must have a ticket to Over And Out 2019 in order to attend and take advantage of lessons, one per person.

What if I don’t have a bike? The only sessions we’re offering loaners for are in the Intro groups. There are a very limited number of loaner bikes so act fast, and select one of the options that says “w/ Loaner Bike”. Also, check out our post about rentals from GPMX.

What if I book but can’t make it or change my mind? If you reserve a spot and then decide you cannot attend please be sure to free up the ticket so someone else may. Instructions on how to do that are here.

NJORR Lessons & DS2160x10802.jpg

What about the guided dual sport rides?

Details and signup for the dual sport routes are coming next. After seeing the demand for lessons, we decided to add a second dual sport route!

Friday 1pm-5pm - This guided ride will venture out on trails into Centralia, PA where coal fires have burned underground since the 60’s, home of the Graffiti Highway.

Saturday 9am-4pm - Deluxe ride that goes through rocky trails, woods, farm roads and more, circling through the adorable historic town of Jim Thorpe and stopping for a quick lunch there!

If you have a plated bike, definitely join in one of these rides!!!

Don't forget your gear and your Positive Mental Attitude! :)

Maintenance Support from RyanCo Beta!

We’re so grateful to have Ryan Betz of RyanCo Beta on site during Over And Out with his full race rig, offering maintenance support to attendees!


Ryan started riding at age 6, and In all his years racing he was also his own mechanic and ran a part-time repair and performance shop in his fathers garage. Ryan has spent many weekends at the races offering track-side support to others. He knows how demanding the sport his, physically, mentally and financially.

Ryan is generously providing his time and labor for FREE to support ladies at Over And Out, and he’s bringing out a few Beta Motorcycle models for us to check out!


While RyanCo Racing will be onsite with this support, please check over your bikes before attending, and bring cash or credit card to cover any parts you may end up needing. Check out this basic pre-ride maintenance checklist:

  1. Inspect and tighten bolts.

  2. Check and clean your air filter.

  3. Check your tire pressure. (12-14psi in dry conditions recommended)

  4. Check brakes - pads and fluid.

  5. Check your chain tension - it shouldn’t be taut, but have very little slack.

Last but not least, change your oil. Check out the Motorgrrl X Motul oil-change workshops being held onsite at OAO!! Get all the details and Sign UP!

Pre-Order Exclusive Event Swag!

This year, we’re offering a special Tee and Tank design for pre-order! Snag this design in your choice of Tee or Tank (or both!) in your size! We’ve also made some rad decals available in OAO yellow, KTM orange, and a cool alternate color, Teal.

The best part: You can roll right into Over And Out and be handed your items! No shipping required.

Tees are Unisex, slim cut - If in doubt, order a size up. Tanks are unisex, fit true to size. Decals are 4” round.

Tees are Unisex, slim cut - If in doubt, order a size up. Tanks are unisex, fit true to size. Decals are 4” round.

We’ve partnered with Alexa Warshany, female-business owner, dirt bike rider and all-around go-getter, to produce this special batch of goodies. We’re supporting her, she’s supporting us… this is what community is all about!

Photo by Megan Maloy

Photo by Megan Maloy

We first met Alexa at last year’s event. She came out to the event to get more confident on her dirt bike… and did she ever! Alexa came alone and nervous to ride her CRF150f, but after taking a lesson, making new friends, and winning a sick gear set in the raffle she came out standing and doing endless figure-8’s like nobody’s business.

Meet Alexa, and hit the pre-order!



Funny story: My boyfriend (now fiance, Tyler) gave me a choice between an engagement ring or a dirt bike. I chose dirt bike! But a year and a half later I now have both, so it was a win-win! Lately, we’ve been toying with the idea of skipping our wedding and just getting some Harleys because why not?  

I started riding in 2017 but I still consider myself a new rider. I started by riding around the yard and practicing the basics, but Over And Out was where I really became more comfortable.

Alexa Warshany Over And Out 3.jpg


Yep! In-House Prints is a full service branding agency in Frenchtown, NJ (shameless plug!). It started as a hobby for Tyler and me. I used to work for a pretty big marketing company and realized the desk job was not for me. So now we have our own shop and print for tons of local businesses!

My mom always told me to find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life. Well, here I am! 

Alexa and Tyler

Alexa and Tyler

Alexa and Tyler

Alexa and Tyler


I'll be honest, it's tough! We hustle every day of the week at all hours of the day, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I get to work with my best friend! I also get to meet a ton of awesome people (like Kelly from Over And Out! <3) and build their vision. It's so rewarding to me to watch someones dream come true right in front of them, and to get to be a part of it. 


Free2Ride is an action sports brand Tyler started 10 years ago. He had the vision of creating a brand that supports all action sports, whether it's surfing. snowboarding, bmx, dirtbikes etc. The best part about F2R is that we are able to support so many great events. We’re both passionate about creating cool gear that fits the standards of athletes and brands, and we offer our detailed insight on everything from products, materials, size, to print processes to give people the quality they’re looking for!

Alexa at Over And Out.JPG


I definitely can't pick one thing. It was literally the entire event. Everyone was so supportive and friendly. I'm a very new rider and the lessons were so helpful! The raffle is where I won my first official set of Fox gear! The entire vibe of the event was rad. If you are debating on going, you should 100% go.

I knew nobody when I went up. I had never even loaded/unloaded my bike by myself. I kid you not, before I could even push the truck door all the way open, there were girls already at my door asking if I needed help getting my bike down. Sometimes girls get a bad rap, but these girls at OAO are the best of the best! 

I can't wait to meet so many new ladies, and I’m especially excited to deliver these pre-event items to OAO this year and hand them off to ladies picking up their orders!

Click the button to visit the pre-order store. These items will be delivered on-site to Over And Out 2019, so you can roll in and grab your new swag as soon as you get there. This way, there’s no need for shipping and you can for sure get your size.

Pre-order ended June 10, 2019.

Saturday Night Fun Under the Red Bull Tent!

Whoo-weee, do we have some fun planned for Saturday night at Over And Out! After a day full of riding trails and playing moto games, we’ll keep the stoke-level raging under the Red Bull tent!

Photo courtesy Red Bull Media pool.

Photo courtesy Red Bull Media pool.

Red Bull presents some of the most exciting and difficult enduro events in the WORLD, and nothing gets me more amped than seeing those Red Bull arches mark the top of an insane climb or course (like they do at Red Bull Romaniacs or Erzbergrodeo); or, to see those Red Bull wigwam tents in a crowd, like they do at National Motocross races and other massive motorsports events.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be fantasizing about dirt bike greatness as we climb the rocky mountainside and see that tent down below marking the way back to base camp! And, we’ll have a blast under it together come Saturday night between 8-11pm. Check out the details…

Tracy So.jpg

One of our own dirt-bike loving ladies, Tracy So, aka @tracysowhat, will be serving up some custom Red Bull drinks with Yellow-edition Tropical Red Bull (my personal favorite), and Purple-edition sugar free Acai Berry Red Bull. Be warned: If it’s yellow, it probably won’t make you mellow; if it’s purple, it might make you burple!

DJ Sara M.jpg

We’ll also be graced with the presence of DJ Sara M, aka @thedivine_miss_m, who will be keeping the good vibes alive and spinning some rock, punk, new wave, and more of our favorite dance and singalong tunes. We can’t wait to party with yas!!!

At the time of posting this, we’re 75% full! Lesson and Guided Dual Sport signups will be coming in May, and (in case you missed it) there are rental bikes available through GPMX!

Rental Bikes from GPMX!

We’ve beyond stoked to announce that east coast motocross school, GPMX has decided to offer some of their bikes for ladies looking to rent. Read on about the types of bikes available and how to reserve a bike for OAO2019. Act fast, because supply is limited!

GPMX Rentals.jpg


The bikes available for rent are purely off-road dirt bikes, kick-start. Models available:

  • Yamaha ttr-125

  • Suzuki drz-125

  • Kawasaki klx-125

  • Honda xr-100


  • Full Day Rental $200, damage deposit required.

  • Available to Rent for Friday 6/21, Saturday 6/22 or Sunday 6/23.

  • These bikes are not plated. They’re not to be taken out on any public roads, only ridden within designated event space according to rider skill level.

  • Rental bikes will be delivered by GPMX to the site of Over And Out.

  • Bikes will be in well-maintained running order with full tanks of gas upon delivery. Extra Gas included!

  • Any on-site maintenance required (flat tire, etc) will be the renter’s responsibility to utilize on-site support services the same as any other attendee.

  • Rider must adhere to all other Over And Out event rules and safety guidelines.

IMPORTANT!: Please do not contact OAO with questions or support on rentals, as we won’t be able to help you beyond the information shared here, nor are we part of your rental agreement whatsoever. All rental agreements and arrangements are direct between renter and GPMX. Thank you!

Meet Liz Kiniery from the DVTR

The community of women who attend OAO are simply amazing. Liz Kiniery is one of them.

In the past year, Liz has propelled herself right into the sport, exploring the race scene and working with the Delaware Valley Trail Riders, becoming part of our partner and sponsor community in the process.

This has me stoked beyond words! We need our partners to have the same level of passion, commitment and pure love for the sport that we have, and the DVTR has proven to have all of the above in spades.

Read on to learn more about Liz, and how the DVTR is contributing to OAO attendees this year!

Liz Kiniery Over And Out Moto.jpeg

Liz Kiniery - Philadelphia, PA - @lizismoto


I learned to ride just a few weeks before my wedding in June 2012. I started street-riding on a Kawasaki Ninja 650, then a Suzuki SV 650, and finally my Ducati Multistrada 620. I love a 600cc motor!

Liz Kiniery over and out Moto 3.jpeg

I spent a few years on paved twisties before hopping into the dirt on a Kawasaki KLX 250. I loved that KLX. It would tractor over everything and was super resilient despite my frequent slamming it to the ground. Those early experiences off-road got me hooked!!

Just last year, I decided it was time for my nimble and capable KTM 250 EXC-F. I am 100% obsessed with being outside in the dirt, and I ride every moment that I can!

Liz Kiniery over and out moto 4.jpeg


I got involved with the DVTR when I volunteered to help them prep for their Dirty Santa Ride - a chill and inclusive trail ride up at the Famous Reading Outdoors property in Pottsville, PA. I’d been following the club’s Facebook page for awhile, so when a call for volunteers came out, I decided to get involved.

I also had a secret goal to race the entire ECEA Enduro Series, so when I discovered they were also a sanctioned ECEA club and I could race under their name, I was all in! Now I am their Director of Operations.

Del Val Trail Riders.jpeg


I love the community. I’ve met a bunch of super nice people who all share the same passion. Some are seasoned riders, others are brand new - all just out to enjoy riding with friends. Everyone always has a kind word, a smile, some good advice, or a funny joke.

I also love being a part of supporting the dirt community. Anyone who has been in the off-road scene long enough has seen riding areas threatened by new legislation or beloved events end due to lack of support. This is a thriving group who cares about the sport - and that feels right.

And lastly, I get to rep a club at races. It’s cool to feel like a part of something bigger when you’re out on the track with 600 racers - I’m not just racing for myself.

Liz Kiniery Over And Out Moto DVTR.jpeg


They were awesome! Obviously I was scared out of my mind, but I got a lot of advice and support prior, and I had some friends to lead me through on race day! I’m still a newbie to racing, but I’m hooked, and can’t wait to see more of you all out there!

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel


I loved this event because women got to enjoy some spectacular riding in a low-stress and supportive environment. No matter where you are on your riding journey, there is a place for you without judgment or ego! Want to take your first class? Cool! Want to tool around all morning on the grass track? Great! Want to get out on challenging singletrack? Perfect!  


This property is absolutely gorgeous and there is so much riding to do! It feels extraordinarily private! We spent the morning on some fun two-track that wound its way through the property and then continued alongside this beautiful ridge. In the afternoon, we made it up to this power-line trail at the top, which then dropped down into flowing singletrack that carved through the woods and popped us out onto an amazing vista! I’m most excited about getting back out there - it really is spectacular!



We’re working with Over And Out to further their mission of expanding riding opportunities for female riders! OAO and the DVTR are aligned on some crucial values like building community and creating enjoyable and successful riding events.

First, DVTR is contributing two passes to the beloved Michaux Dual Sport to the OAO raffle (one of the best parts of whole weekend!) The Michaux is a ride that is near and dear to my heart. It’s the oldest running dual sport in the country, and was sadly at the brink of extinction until DVTR stepped up to work alongside MORE (the club that hosted the event for 30 years) to bring it back for year 31 on Sunday, August 18th!

michaux dual sport DVTR.JPG

The Michaux Dual Sport will have a rider limit of 300 people, and will surely sell out quickly. Winning your two passes means guaranteed access to an another incredible weekend of riding in the beautiful Michaux State Forest.

In partnership with Over And Out, we’ll also be sharing guidance about Dual Sports, Hare scrambles & Enduros. Keep your eyes peeled for a friendly guide coming to the OAO Blog soon!

Last but not least, our Women’s ECEA Ambassadors will be attending Over And Out 2019. These ladies have experienced racing and riding in the East Coast Enduro Association series and are all set to connect with you and answer any questions you might have about getting involved and racing your heart out!

To learn more about the DVTR and the Michaux Dual Sport, check out their site,

Over And Out's New Location for 2019!

Over And Out is moving to a NEW location in Tamaqua, PA!  

Event dates remain the same: Starting on Friday, June 21st (the looongest day of the year) and ending on Sunday, June 23rd.  This year, Friday will be a riding day in addition to the weekend giving you more time to braaap with your buddies!

I am TOTALLY excited about our new event space and all of the plans in the works for OAO2019. More details are coming SOON (I promise), but for now check out these 3 reasons why our new location RULES:

Image from Ground Pilot Aerials

Image from Ground Pilot Aerials


This year, we’re taking over a bigger piece of property at 2,000 acres.  This spot is a playground for riders of all levels, with tons of room for parking, camping and exploring. It has all kinds of cool natural features like ridges and climbs, tight woodsy sections as well as wide open dirt paths - fun for everyone.

Fun fact: Tamaqua was originally to be named Tuscarora, but there already was a community named Tuscarora about four miles to the west so they named it Tamaqua.

FUNNER fact: The Over And Out event space takes up the full expanse of land between the towns of Tamaqua and Tuscarora. So, if you’re getting confused by the names, just remember: we’re in between them.

It’s also easily accessible, about 2 hours from Philly, 2.5 hours from NYC and Baltimore, and just a 1 hour drive from Lehigh Valley Int’l Airport in Allentown, PA.

Tamaqua Site Map 2.png


We’re continuing one of our OAO traditions and opening up the gates to a private space just for tha ladies!  This main event space of 2,000 acres is private land, accessible by OAO ticket holders only! No need to worry about any pesky rando’s trying to crash our slumber party.

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 8.42.42 PM.png


The new event space is nestled right next to two state parks. We actually share a border with Tuscarora State Park to the north, right over the mountain.  We’ll be partnering with our awesome neighbors to offer some fun non-riding activities and to help share their message of conservation and environmental education. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 8.43.44 PM.png

Tamaqua is smack in the middle of some great PA sights like the historic town of Jim Thorpe, and America’s oldest brewery, located in Pottsville. So maybe you want to extend your weekend and check out more of the area!

For a map, directions and overview of the new event space check out the Directions page on our website. Details and tickets are LIVE!

Meet Becca Sheets: GNCC Racer and Member of the 2018 ISDE Women's Trophy Team
Photo by Ken Hill

Photo by Ken Hill

Becca Sheets, 25, Ohio - @bsheets551

KTM 250sx


I’ve been around dirt bikes since I came out of the womb! My dad always raced for fun with his buddies, so I spent a lot of time at the track growing up. It wasn’t until I was 6, turning 7 that I asked my dad for a dirt bike for my birthday.

On my 7th birthday, my dad picked me up from school with a PW50 on the trailer and a new (used) pair of boots in the truck and we went riding! 


I learned to ride on that PW50. I ran in to ditches and fences but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. I kept riding it until I was 9!!


By that age, most kids had the oil injected KTM50s, or 50JR or SR bikes; they don’t stay on the PWs for very long, but I had ridden a KTM50SR that I didn’t care for, so then I went straight from the PW50 to a KX60. 

The ole KX60 was what I learned to shift and use the clutch on. It was a raw powered bike and It was pretty hard to ride from what I remember.  I rode that bike for a year then moved to an RM65. Once I learned to shift and use the clutch on the 60, riding the RM65 was a breeze!

By the time I was on 65’s, racing had become a lot more serious. We put a lot of time into learning proper cornering techniques, jumping, and just getting faster in general. I did another two years on the RM65, then two years on an RM-85 and a year on a KTM105.

My 85s and 105s were great bikes. I started to get a lot faster once I was on 80s. Being on a little bit bigger of a bike gave me more confidence to jump bigger jumps! 

Then I switched to a YZ125 (4 or 5 different bikes within 6 years) I rode 125’s for what seemed like forever. I also had the most injuries I had ever gotten in my entire childhood of racing once I was on big bikes. So, I would say the transition was a challenge for me. I eventually got the hang of it. I really liked the 125’s and I put a lot of time and effort into improving my riding skills in those years. 



Next came my YZ250FX which I rode for 2 years. This was my first 4 stroke bike! I waited a long time to switch to four strokes because I liked the light weight two stroke bikes in the woods.

Learning to ride a four stroke was so different. The bike was heavier, there was engine brake, and well it was just totally different. I would say it took me an entire year of racing before I really got the hang of it. This bike ultimately lead me to win my first national title so I’m quite partial to it. 


Next, came my KTM250XC-F (1 year). Switching from a Yamaha to a KTM was definitely one of the hardest challenges I’ve faced so far in my racing career. I had ridden only Yamaha for the past seven years.  The KTM handled very differently, the suspension was different, just everything about the bike. My team and I put a lot of time and effort into getting myself comfortable on the bike last year and it paid off.   

My current bike is a KTM250SX-F. This is my second year riding KTM’s and I truly love these dirt bikes. I am very grateful to receive the support that I do from KTM. 


My earliest years of racing started out with motocross. We raced locally for a few years. And when I say locally, I mean we traveled to Indiana, KY, and TN and all over the state of Ohio. My dad always encouraged me to go faster, jump bigger jumps, beat more people, and to just become a better rider always. You know, the things dads do. 

In 2004 at the age of 12, Dad told me we were going to try and qualify for Loretta Lynn’s motocross. I was able to qualify although my results weren’t the best. I was just a kid seeing motocross at an amateur national level for the first time. 

From that year forward it became my personal goal to win an amateur national title which I think instilled that drive inside me to become the best rider I could be. 


My dad spent so much time and money to make sure I could practice at least once a week and race every weekend we were able to.  Our focus was to get to Loretta’s each year to fight for a better finish and eventually a title. 

2007 was my last year I was able to race the Girls 9-13 65cc-105cc class at Loretta Lynn’s. I was so confident I was going to win that year. Kiara Fontanesi (a now 5x World Champ in Europe) showed up that year for her first time and got the win. I came in second and never won an amateur national title.  

2008 was my first year on big bikes. I got a brand new YZ125 and I was ready to go race with the big girls. Unfortunately, I broke my back early in the qualifying season which resulted in a spinal fusion that took me out for the year.  

In 2009 I was back in action and ready to give it another go. I practiced a lot and tried pretty hard to improve my bike skills.  I made it to Loretta’s and finished in the top 10 in the Women’s 14+ class. 

2010 had no plans for me to race a dirt bike. I suffered two major injuries six months apart and I didn’t accomplish much. Motocross is a grueling sport and I had done it for my entire childhood. My dreams of becoming a professional motocross racer seemed hopeless. At that point I was pretty tired of getting hurt and I just wanted to ride for fun.

Until I discovered GNCC racing…..HAHA

IMG_8242 2.JPG

The first GNCC I raced was in 2011. I had spent the previous years on and off the bike with injuries from motocross. So the four GNCC’s I raced in 2011 were just supposed to be for fun but it quickly became something I took very seriously which lead me to race the full series in 2012.  

As a lower middle class family with my parents raising 3 kids in the house, things were hectic. I played other sports growing up too like soccer, softball, and basketball; as did my sisters. I literally owe it all to my dad and mom for all they have done for me.  Racing dirt bikes has made me the person I am today and I wouldn’t change a thing. 


I would recommend doing a riding clinic or take lessons from a better rider that can teach you basic techniques. This way you have a bit more confidence on the bike going into a race setting.

I have always benefitted from riding schools even if I am the one teaching! Practice makes “permanent”. If your form and techniques aren’t correct, it’s good to put yourself in check every once in a while, so you can continue to improve.  

There are so many awesome local harescramble series and motocross series that cater to all levels of riders. Ask around and find out which tracks are easier vs the ones that may be a little more technical and give it a try!  

Photo by Ken Hill

Photo by Ken Hill


My favorite GNCC is the Ironman in Indiana. There is always such a huge turnout there and racing against 900 other bikes on an 11 mile loop makes it pretty wild. I love the energy from the crowds on the hill climbs, the smell of fall, and the cold creek crossings.

Everybody wears pink to show their support and help raise money for breast cancer. It’s just a good vibe there. This year will be my 8th year in a row racing that race.  


At the X-Factor GNCC in Indiana I crashed at a pretty high speed in a field section. I came out of it with a severe concussion and broken jaw on both sides. I had surgery so they could plate bones and wire my jaw shut. I spent the night in the hospital, went home, drank smoothies, and ate baby food for 6 weeks. 

At first I thought it was one of the easiest injuries I’ve ever had to deal with, because I was still able to walk around freely and do my day to day activities. I just couldn’t train as hard or ride. 

It actually ended up being a very mentally challenging injury to overcome. But as we all know; racing is dangerous and things happen. I just tried to keep it positive and know that I would come out of it as a stronger person and rider.   I consider myself lucky that it wasn’t worse! 

Photo by Art Pepin @offroadpaparazzi

Photo by Art Pepin @offroadpaparazzi


It was a really cool experience. First of all, it was such an honor to be selected to represent the USA. It was very challenging, one of the hardest things I’ve ever accomplished. Getting to ride your dirt bike for 8 hours a day through farms, countryside, backyards, woods, and main roads was definitely the coolest part about it. If an average joe went to tour the country of France, they probably wouldn’t have seen it in the same way that we did. It was very surreal and something I will remember forever. 

Photo by Mark Kariya

Photo by Mark Kariya



Endurance racing is my strong suit so the hardest thing about ISDE for me is flipping the switch from a steady speed on the technical transfers to a full sprint level speed at the special tests throughout the day.  

I’ve been training really hard this year and with the help of my awesome boyfriend Tyler; we’ve been putting a lot of work into my initial speed on the track, trying to push the limits. It’s made me a lot faster. Racing the Full Gas Sprint Enduros has helped me a lot also. It’s set up similar to ISDE but without the transfer trails. 

We are still working hard! My USA teammates, Brandy Richards and Tarah Geiger are both really strong riders as well. I can’t wait to see all of our hard work pay off in Chile.  


I focus a lot on my nutrition because I believe it’s the most important. You have to have good energy to do the things that make you stronger and keep you in shape.

Cycling, mountain biking, running and strength training are things I work into my days outside of riding. I almost enjoy training as much as I do riding my dirt bike! I kind of have to find joy in it and mix it up or it can become very humdrum. It’s basically always a competition with my own self.  



I’ve had so many great people and companies as sponsors over the years.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of those people. People have sacrificed time and money to help me improve as a racer on and off the bike.

My biggest supporters have always been my parents. My boyfriend Tyler is such a great sport. He helps me be a better person and understands my love for racing just the same as his. My best man friend Johnny has given and taught me so much over the past few years of my racing career.  

I can’t thank them enough. Racing a dirt bike may not be a team sport but you definitely can’t do it alone!

Raffle proceeds from Over And Out’s first event in 2018 were donated to help support the US Women’s Trophy Team in the FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE).

Click here to read more about the team and the donation in an interview with team manager, Antti Kallonen of KTM North America.