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Dual Sport Route at OAOMX 2019

Over And Out Moto-X once again brings together all kinds of female off-road riders! If you ride a street-legal dual sport, adventure bike or a scrambler with on-road/off-road tires, come camp and have fun with us at OAOMX, and ride our local dual sport route. It’s all less than 1 hour from NYC and Philly!

We’ve partnered with the Del Val Trail Riders to give you a fun route. Read all about it, join our community on the REVER app, and get a FREE month of PRO membership on REVER so you get all the best, easiest route-guiding options. C’mon ladies, new adventures await!



The route is 66 miles total length, approximately 2 hours ride time, but there are so many great stops in the area, you could be out for a 4-6 hour day EASY!

Depart from our event space in bucolic Stockton, NJ and take the route along a mix of dirt and gravel roads, some primitive road, a couple shallow water crossings, but also stretches of pavement that let you open up the bike a bit as you cruise along the Delaware River.


You’ll pass through all the cutest Delaware River Towns along the NJ/PA border including Frenchtown, Milford, Upper Black Eddy, Tinicum, Lumberville, New Hope, Lambertville and Stockton. Check out these great local spots…



Stop in here to see the vintage planes, grab a bite, or take a ride in a bi-plane or glider! Walk-ins are welcome, and if you tell them you’re a female biker with OAO you’ll get 10% off a plane ride! Learn more at



Calling all science nerds! Ringing Rocks is not only a great place to hike and explore, it’s famous for its glacial formations of lithophonic rocks - they ring out like a bell when struck by a hammer!

Glacial formations like this are still a bit of a science mystery but they’re also just fun to bang on. So whether you’re a geology buff, or you just have a lot of anger you’d like to get out, bring a small hammer and go on a rock-hitting trek through the park. It’s pretty cool!

Ringing Rocks Park.jpg


There are so many good places to grab a bite while you’re out on the road, notably:

New Hope


We want to encourage more ladies to get out there and guide themselves using GPS or other guidance tools, because this can open up a whole new world of riding adventures for you!

We’re making this route available using the REVER App, and giving you a code for a FREE month of their PRO membership. The PRO membership allows you to take the map offline, get turn-by-turn and voice navigation, and import/export GPX files, so it’s worth using it for our event at the very least!

Snag it now and get ready to ride at OAOMX! It’s easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Sign up for REVER here.

  2. Sign up for a PRO Membership, monthly, and use code BuHPVTv2 to get a month FREE.

  3. Download the REVER app to your phone, connect to the Over And Out Moto Community page to access the route!

Stay tuned because we will be posting another easy-to-follow post to help you!

A few members of the DVTR club will be swinging by the event on Saturday 10/5 for anyone who would like to join them to ride the route. <3

water crossngi.jpg


  1. Make sure you have a sturdy phone mount. This is the one I use.

  2. Bring along a backup phone battery just in case!

  3. You might want to bring along a spare pair of socks for after the water crossings. :)

Now get out there and have some fun!!!

Riding Options at Over And Out Moto-X

Our event this October, Over And Out Moto-X, opens the gates to another beautiful piece of private property to cater to female riders of all levels. This property features a fun motocross track, massive farm fields and some woods loops, and it’s located right in the middle of some of the prettiest Delaware River towns nestled along the NJ/PA border.


There are a lot of options for all kinds of riders, whether you’re a motocross rider, are a newer rider, a woods rider, or you want to take your street-legal dual sport on a nice camp and ride in a beautiful place this fall! Read on about the riding options at OAOMX!

IMG_4658 copy.JPG

The Track

Everyone can ride on the track. We’ll be running segments of ride time according to rider level, alternating “expert”, “novice”, and “everyone”, so you can enter the track and have some reassurance as to who is on the track with you. From Friday to Sunday, everyone will have ample time to ride the track.

The track features tabletop jumps, and honestly you don’t even need to jump one of these jumps. They can easily be rolled over without even leaving the ground. So they’re great for practicing your body positioning and speed and safely working your way up to catching some air. You can also just ride around anything you’re not ready for ;)

IMG_4738 copy.JPG


We have two different class offerings at OAOMX! On-track classes from Lampi MX Training, and intro-to-track classes from GPMX!

We know there are many of you wondering which class is for you, so check out these overviews and a side-by-side comparison of the details so you can make an educated decision and get yourself into a class:

aaron lampi 813.jpg

GPMX Dirty Girls

Off-road instructors Greg & Marika Pamart

6-hour classes, Taught primarily off track, but including introduction to the track.

Friday 12-6pm (Saturday is SOLD OUT)

$125 your own bike; $200 with their bike

Gear: Full length sleeves and pants, over-the-ankle boots, helmet, goggles, gloves, chest protector

This class Is an intro-to-dirt class, not an intro-to-motorcycling class. Participants need to know general motorcycle operation.

Details and Booking Info HERE.

If you’re not sure which class is for you, email us at

Lampi MX Training

Pro-motocross Racer & Trainer Aaron Lampi

3-hour classes, Taught completely on the track

Saturday 10/5 10-1 and 1:30-4:30

$120 your own bike

Gear: Full gear, off-road moto boots, full-face dirt helmet, goggles, gloves, chest protector

This class will use sections of the track to practice key techniques like attack position, cornering, accelerating, braking, clutch use, jumping and transitions.

Details and Booking Info HERE.

*track will be open to other attendees while classes are going on.

IMG_4674 copy.JPG

The Fields, The Woods, The Farm

You’ll have a blast even just camping and cruising around the farm with friends. The farm has massive fields surrounding it, and trails that form a perimeter route across the entire property, plus plenty of wide open space for rolling free!

There will also be some loops through the woods that run along old stone walls that date back centuries.

Farm Field.jpg

Street-Legal Dual-Sport Routes

Don’t forget, Over And Out mixes options for those who ride completely off-road with on-road/off-road riders, so you may want to bring more than one type of bike, or just roll in on your street-legal dual-sport to moto-camp on site and explore the beautiful, historic Delaware River Towns nearby.

New Hope, PA

New Hope, PA

At this event we’ll be offering a more miid dual-sport route, one that can be DIY, self-guided. This area has so many beautiful farm roads, is a HUGE motorcycle destination, and a big tourist destination in general. We’ll be planning mapped routes for you that explore the charming local towns of New Hope, PA, Frenchtown, NJ and more.

Lookout from Bowman’s Hill Tower in Washington’s Crossing Historic Park.

Lookout from Bowman’s Hill Tower in Washington’s Crossing Historic Park.

In collaboration with the DVTR (Delaware Valley Trail Riders) we’ll be creating a map for you that you can take to explore rustic, local routes via a mellow dual-sport ride (80/20 max) and will be sharing some great local recommendations for sights and snacks!

There’s no better time of year for all of this than Autumn!!! And, with just two months to go, we have a lot to share with you. if you haven’t snagged a ticket or a lesson spot yet, get on it!