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Good Food, Good Mood and Movie Night at OAOMX!

We’re beyond stoked to have the Good Food = Good Mood truck rolling into OAOMX!

They are hands-down my favorite food truck around because, well, Dean and Emily are RAD, and I personally can’t wait to grab a delicious veggie burger, some tacos or some loaded fries after a long, fun day of riding! And to nosh on during MOVIE NIGHT!!!! ;)


Good Food = Good Mood!

The Good Food = Good Mood truck will be serving Friday Dinner starting at 5pm, Saturday Lunch 12-2pm, and Dinner starting at 5pm. Check out their menu below…

Good Mood Good Food Lunch & Dinner.jpg

Saturday = Movie Night!

We’re due for some perfect autumn weather down on the farm, and movie night in the big barn is going to be EPIC!

Barn at night.jpg

Did you see our post about breakfast service from One Up One Down Coffee?

We love these vendors who are coming to support us with food service. It’s so nice to wake up with something hot and tasty, and to settle in with a good, filling meal at the end of a ride day. We’re so grateful to have these folks here to help us make that happen.

They’re also the kind of people who are doing it right, working their butts off to break the mold, and doing it all with a smile!!! Please support them! :)

Breakfast with One Up One Down Coffee!

Man oh man are we stoked for our food options at OAOMX!

To start off each day we’ll have Natalie and Vince of One Up One Down Coffee serving up their amazing locally-roasted coffee, tea, and offering delicious breakfast treats from Factory Girl Bake Shop!

One Up One Down Coffee will be serving Friday 10am-2pm, Saturday and Sunday 7-10am.

One Up One Down Coffee.jpg


The coffee, which will be freshly roasted next week, is Fair Trade and from a women-focused co-op in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. This coffee is called Cafe con Manos de Mujer, which translates to "coffee with women's hands."

Eighty percent of the co-op’s coffee comes from indigenous women producers and growers in the mountainous territory of Cuchumatan, Huehuetenango. The most common reasons for these high numbers are widowing and migration into the United States; normally women stay behind to take care of the land and their children.


Natalie and Vince will also be offering tasty goods from Factory Girl Bake Shop located in nearby New Hope, PA - like tasty Cinnamon Buns, Scones, Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Walnut Brownies**

**All foods are 100% Vegan.

Supply will be limited, early bird catches the scone! They also take all forms of payment, including credit cards.


Stay tuned because we have dinner details posting super soon, and a surprise activity for Saturday evening!

And finally, we hope you will support our food providers, they are awesome folks working hard to run businesses the right way! We’re so grateful to have them coming to serve us at OAOMX!