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Event Schedule and Terrain Options at Over And Out

This post is to help you get acquainted with the variety of riding options at Over And Out!

Thanks to a long winter (and zero Spring!) we'll be prepping trails and routes for Over And Out into the coming months to ensure we have the perfect variety of terrain and that everything is safely rideable.  Read on below for descriptions of each option!

Schedule last updated on 5/22/2018

Schedule last updated on 5/22/2018

First, don't think you need to adhere to any schedule!  Aside from the mandatory riders meeting, it's completely up to you which riding activities you take part in.  Also note that the above graphic is primarily for Saturday the 23rd.  Read on below so you can plan your best day ever at Over And Out! 

Mandatory Riders Meeting: ALL riders must be present at the mandatory rider meeting Saturday morning at 8:30am in the pavilion.

1-hour Group Lessons (All levels):  Thanks to Hanover Powersports, we'll have an MSF-certified (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) coach on site with a fleet of Yamaha TTR trail bikes! These bikes are perfect for learning on, and lessons will be done on grass. We'll slate you according to level (never ridden before, novice rider, intermediate, or advanced) and assign you a TTR-110, 125 or 230 based on your height, while availability lasts. You're welcome to ride your own bike as well. *Full Sign up details & instructions posted to the events page.

Grass Tracks / Woods Loops (All Levels - on site): The grass tracks are perfect for beginners, and fun for anyone that just wants to cruise. The Woods loops range from shorter novice loops to lengthy intermediate & advanced loops.  

2-hour Advanced Guided Ride (We'll say it again: Advanced!): Advanced riders can sign up for a 2-hour guided follow-the-leader style ride. *Sign up for this is on-site only, and you'll have time in the morning to ride the other loops first.

3-hour Guided Dual Sport Rides (Intermediate): Sign up for a guided group dual-sport ride that goes off-site on local routes. Ride your own plated dual sport or adventure bike. One in the morning and one in the afternoon, each accommodating roughly 10 ladies. *Full Sign up details & instructions posted to the events page.

Mapped REV'IT! Routes (Beginner-friendly, off site): We'll be creating a mapped route that explores some of the area's most beautiful country roads and local sights.  Grab a REV'IT! route map, and head out on your own. This route has finalized at a total of roughly 85 miles, taking approximately 2.5 hours in total ride time.  

WEBIG Inc. Mini-MX Games (All Levels):  Bust out those little bikes and HAUL ASS! Have some fun and win prizes in our mini-mx games. 

After all that riding, it's time to win some awesome goodies in the raffle and chill while the BH&BR bonfire heats things up!

Also, there will be food service on site for breakfast, mid-day snacks and dinner. 


Q: What if I have a dual sport and want to do the 3-hour guided ride, but also want to take a dirt bike lesson?  

When it comes time to sign up we'll allow you to select a preference: morning or afternoon.  If you select morning for one activity, make sure to select afternoon for the other. 

Q: I'm bringing a street-legal dual-sport bike, but also a small dirt bike. I'm pretty comfortable riding them both. What type of riding can I do?

The world is your oyster! You can sign up for a 3-hr guided dual-sport ride. You can ride your trail bike on the grass or in the woods (if you have full gear). You can take a route map and head out on your Dual Sport bike for part or all of the day. You can even take the map with you and ride it on your way out after the event! If the dirt bike is under 125cc you can also ride it in the WEBIG mini-MX games! ;)

Q: What if I don't have a bike?  

Any ticket holder can sign up for a 1-hour lesson on a Yamaha 110, 125 or 230, thanks to Hanover Powersports! (while availability lasts). This is a great way for new riders to get started, as lessons are on grass, led by an MSF-certified coach.  

Q: How advanced is the advanced ride? I'm nervous about it, wondering what it will be like. 

Some of the terrain at Hancock is known for being very challenging. Super gnarly. For example, they have one spot called "Hamburger Hill", as in it chews men up and spits 'em out haha! We will likely not be using this hill, but 'advanced' will still actually, truly mean ADVANCED!  

Sign up for this will be on-site only, and we've left time in the morning so that riders can check out other trails first and see how they're feeling! 

To register NOW click HERE!

Schedule as of 5-22-18 may be subject to minor change as route and trail prep continues..

About Bear Creek Sportsmen

Over And Out was created for a bunch of important reasons, but one BIG one is that we wanted to open the doors to some amazing riding land, and create a special riding opportunity just for the ladies. 

Over And Out has partnered with the Bear Creek Sportsmen riding club of Hancock, NY to do just that.  Together, we're bringing you exclusive access to this amazing property with routes and guidance for every level of rider!

Photo by Kelly McCaughey

Photo by Kelly McCaughey


Bear Creek Sportsmen is an AMA sanctioned riding club that formed back in 2002 with the express purpose of preserving recreational riding land here in the Northeastern US.  Facing the dilemma of a shrinking availability of riding land, the club members banded together to preserve their own private woods and dual sport riding heaven.

Not only are they passionate about preserving this land, they’re passionate about riding. The club is made up of people who have decades of experience both in racing, competing, and running events from Enduros, to Hare Scrambles, Dual Sports and Vintage events. 


This year will mark the 20th year of their infamously challenging Quarry Run Dual Sport.  It is also the very FIRST year that they will be hosting a ladies-only ride: Over And Out!

The Bear Creek property occupies over 1,000 acres of extensive and ever-expanding trails that are nothing short of amazing. While Over And Out will cater to ALL levels of riders, the property does boast some of the most challenging terrain around.

Graham Jarvis at Bear Creek Sportsmen. Photo by Steve Hatch Racing.

Graham Jarvis at Bear Creek Sportsmen. Photo by Steve Hatch Racing.

The Club has hosted ISDE Qualifiers, the first US World Enduro in 2006 and another in 2007. Their Quarry Run Dual Sport is one of the most challenging events around, bringing riders from around the country.  This past fall Graham Jarvis came to teach a private enduro clinic.

Photo by Kelly McCaughey

Photo by Kelly McCaughey

I myself have ridden through forest trails reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest, have ridden down trickling stone waterfalls, and have stopped in the middle of rocky passes to gape at bald eagles flying overhead.

Photo by Kelly McCaughey

Photo by Kelly McCaughey


For Over And Out, the site will be prepared with miles of grass tracks and fields for newer riders and for the beginner to intermediate on-site lesson groups we'll be running  - more to come on that! ;)  

Facebook Grass Track.jpg

We’ll also mark some loops in the woods for different levels of riders. They're meant to be a challenge but nothing's better than working your way through a tough trail with your friends. Our sweeps will be riding these trails to help you out and ensure safety. 

Photo courtesy Bear Creek Sportsmen

Photo courtesy Bear Creek Sportsmen

We'll also have a fully guided advanced ride on Saturday that riders can sign up for onsite. Just a heads up: "advanced" here is like really, really advanced. So if you're that kind of gnarly babe, we've got the trails for you too!


The local area offers amazing riding for partially-street equipped and heavier dual sports and adventure bikes.  We will be offering mapped routes for these bikes to ride off-site on a variety of rural terrain. 

Facebook Trails 5.jpg


The town of Hancock is known as the "Gateway to the Upper Delaware" and it sits right where the Delaware river splits into an east and west branch at the base of Point Mountain. The club has a great relationship with the town of Hancock, and serves as an asset to the community by drawing in visitors to these few public events each year.

Photo: Wikimedia commons

Photo: Wikimedia commons

There are convenient stores, diners, restaurants and hotels within 2 miles of the club property. For those of you riding OUT on the street-legal routes, stop into the local establishments in this quaint town! Explore more at

Bear Creek Sportsmen donates to local organizations each year, and members are always seeking ways to give back through their events. Proceeds from Over And Out tickets and raffle will also be supporting these efforts, something you can feel pretty GREAT about! 

Stay tuned, and sign up for our emails, because full event information and registration will be going live March 14th!