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WEBIG Inc Mini-MX Games

The WEBIG Inc Mini-mx games make a glorious return, so roll out those mini bikes and get ready to riiiiip!

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel

Sign up ON SITE to race against your buds Saturday evening at OAO. You’ll tie on a WEBIG race bib - an exact replica of the old Camel bibs worn by the MX gods in the golden days of motocross - guaranteed to make you faster!

WeBig MiniMX Games.jpg

This year we’ll have three different classes, so you can braaaap against your peers:

  • Ass-haulin’ A-class - max 125cc

  • Badass B-class - max 100cc

  • Nervous Novice - no shame in the newb game. Let’s DO this! ;)

Winners of each class will be awarded an epic prize-pack full of radical WEBIG Inc gear! (Again, sign-up will be on site).

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel

WEBIG is also coming in hot at the raffle table! You could win the sickest raffle bundle that’ll make your mom and dad say “holy shit that’s a sick-ass raffle bundle!” So get stoked and ready to rip!


PSSST - at the time of posting this, WEBIG Inc has a flash sale going on, 25% Off your entire order online with the code 2STROKE! Git It!

WEBIG INC. Mini-MX Games
WEBIG minimx Square.jpg

Get ready to haul ass, have some fun and win some rad prizes from WEBIG INC. in the mini-mx games at Over And Out! 


Signup for the games will be on-site at Over And Out throughout the day of Saturday the 23rd. We'll go over the games and signup details at the riders meeting that morning, and you'll have until 4pm to sign up, while availability lasts. 

Riders will tie on a Camel Smokercross bib, guaranteed to make you go faster, and run through the game format for a chance to win one of multiple kickass prize packs from WEBIG INC.


  • A bike 125cc or smaller

  • Long sleeves and gloves

  • Helmet and goggles

  • Long pants and boots

And a smile, because this is all about having fun and winning cool shit. B)