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OAOMX 2019 Event Recap!

Over And Out Moto-X 2019 was our very first motocross-focused event for female riders of all levels, and once again the magic of this riding community took over and made for a magical, awesome weekend of fun! THANK YOU to everyone who attended and supported!

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

All these badass ladies came out to ride motocross, grass tracks and our woods loop, to take lessons and expand their riding skills and knowledge, and they came with a positive attitude, ready to take on new challenges with a smile and a “hell yes!”

We had woods and trail riders, motocross riders, and newer riders all together in one place to have fun together, inspire one-another and learn from each other just by riding. And riding is what they did…

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

We saw so many girls take their first laps ever on a motocross track - one built with them in mind. Within just a few laps we could already see these ladies reaping the rewards of riding with repetition, allowing them to make progress on their form, speed and to build confidence.

Some ladies learned crucial techniques from professional MX trainer Aaron Lampi, including ladies who ride confidently in the woods or on trails, but who have never set wheels on an mx track before! We can’t wait to see what this training does for their woods and trail riding!

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

GPMX dirty girls held their 6-hour intro-do-dirt class, with coaches Greg and Marika Pamart leading the gals through a number of technique-training drills and an introductory lap around the track.

Photo by @Megan_maloy

Photo by @Megan_maloy

Photo by @megan_maloy

Photo by @megan_maloy

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Thank you to our sponsors who came out to support the ladies!

Fox Racing hosted an awesome ice cream social with delicious flavors, all sorts of creative toppings and super fun giveaway swag!

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @Megan_maloy

Photo by @Megan_maloy

Solid Performance KTM of Downingtown, PA provided on-site maintenance support for our riders, set sags and talked to them about suspension!

Many of our female attendees now have a better understanding of bike features like suspension, and how it can differ for trail and woods bikes as opposed to motocross bikes.


We had a blast battling it out in the mini-bike obstacle relay-course, winning prize packs from WeBig Inc! (And those of us watching had just as much fun seeing these ladies try to spin or hop then get back tovgive their teammate a high-five!)

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

And really some of the greatest memories of the whole weekend were during chill time. In the evenings we’d grab some delicious food from the Good Food = Good Mood Truck, maybe a cup of hot apple cider, and we’d chill around the bonfire enjoying the company of other rad ladies who spent the day riding their hearts out!!

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Photo by @mjsmotophotos

Already looking forward to next year ;)

Our summer event returns to Tamaqua, PA June 26-28, 2020. SAVE THAT DATE! xx

Good Food, Good Mood and Movie Night at OAOMX!

We’re beyond stoked to have the Good Food = Good Mood truck rolling into OAOMX!

They are hands-down my favorite food truck around because, well, Dean and Emily are RAD, and I personally can’t wait to grab a delicious veggie burger, some tacos or some loaded fries after a long, fun day of riding! And to nosh on during MOVIE NIGHT!!!! ;)


Good Food = Good Mood!

The Good Food = Good Mood truck will be serving Friday Dinner starting at 5pm, Saturday Lunch 12-2pm, and Dinner starting at 5pm. Check out their menu below…

Good Mood Good Food Lunch & Dinner.jpg

Saturday = Movie Night!

We’re due for some perfect autumn weather down on the farm, and movie night in the big barn is going to be EPIC!

Barn at night.jpg

Did you see our post about breakfast service from One Up One Down Coffee?

We love these vendors who are coming to support us with food service. It’s so nice to wake up with something hot and tasty, and to settle in with a good, filling meal at the end of a ride day. We’re so grateful to have these folks here to help us make that happen.

They’re also the kind of people who are doing it right, working their butts off to break the mold, and doing it all with a smile!!! Please support them! :)

Dialing in Your Suspension with Solid Performance

Choosing what type of bike to ride is a major choice to begin with, but on top of that there are like a gajillion little details you can dial to make your bike your own. Springs, seat, tires, power valve …it never ends! But this process of truly making your bike your own is super rewarding and worth the attention.

Suspension is one of those important details, and one that can really affect your riding experience. It affects how you connect with your bike, and how your bike connects with the ground. It can affect your turns, your traction and, of course, your jumps!


Our next event is ideal for dialing in your settings because there are wide open areas, different types of terrain and a motocross track - all of which give you opportunities for repetition so you can ride, adjust, ride, adjust and truly dial in your optimal riding settings.

Solid Performance KTM will be on-site with us Saturday, October 5th to help us do just that! They’ll be on-site offering their suspension expertise and setting sags, guiding clicker adjustment, and providing general rider maintenance. Learn more about dialing in your suspension with Solid Performance…



Proper sag ensures that your motorcycle is balanced, and it’s important to set both free sag and rider sag. Free sag is how much the suspension droops under the weight of the bike. Rider sag is how much the suspension droops with the rider on the bike in their usual riding position.

If both free and rider sag cannot be adjusted within an acceptable range, the front and rear spring rates will need to be changed to ensure proper balance. Springs are available according to rider’s weight. For many women this is the first thing to do on a new stock bike (because stock bikes are made for an average male rider of greater height and weight).

When a motorcycle has too much sag, often called “choppered out”, the front tire is light and often pushes to the outside of corners. If you find yourself having to plant your foot when cornering often, it’s likely that your motorcycle has too much sag.

Fig 1

Fig 1

Fig 2 - Proper Sag = Balance

Fig 2 - Proper Sag = Balance

Fig 3 - Too much Sag = “choppered out”

Fig 3 - Too much Sag = “choppered out”

Inversely, if a motorcycle has too little sag, often called “stink bugged”, the front tire is loaded and the rear tire is too light making the bike want to tuck in corners and/or have excessive fish-tailing during straight line acceleration. The owner’s manual is a great place to start for your suspension sag settings, and Solid Performance will be on-site at OAOMX offering sag setting (where available) all day Saturday 10/5.



A majority of riders rarely use the clicker adjusters on their suspension because they don’t understand how they work and/or are afraid they’ll break something. While suspension does have an optimal operating range, it won’t be damaged by running the suspension with the clickers all the way in or all the way out - meaning there is room for adjustment using the clickers that won’t cause harm to the internals.

We encourage you to do an exercise with your clickers to understand just how much different your bike can feel with just a few clicks. (Now remember, if this sounds confusing, we’ll have help on-site at OAOMX!)

Here’s the exercise -

  1. Get comfortable on your bike by riding for about 20 minutes.

  2. Set clickers to the standard settings (indicated in your bike manual) and ride 10-15 minutes.

  3. Go 2 clicks stiffer on your fork compression adjuster and shock low-speed adjuster, ride 10-15 minutes.

  4. Go 2 more stiffer on your fork compression adjuster and shock low-speed adjuster, ride 10-15 minutes.

  5. Repeat one more time, for a total of 6 clicks stiffer than standard setting.

Next, set the fork compression adjuster and shock low-speed compression adjusters back to standard, and repeat the exercise but going 2 softer and ride, 2 softer and ride, 2 softer and ride.

 Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

2 clicks at a time is a noticeable adjustment, and going 6 clicks total off from the standard settings is your effective range of adjustment. The total range of 12 clicks is your optimal clicker adjustment. We encourage you to adjust your fork compression and shock low-speed adjusters to where they feel best for you. Most riders mainly feel compression, so that’s where the majority of riders should focus.

We then recommend adjusting your rebound adjuster to be a 2 compression : 1 rebound off of standard setting. For example, Standard: Compression: 15 Rebound: 15, but if you liked the compression at 19 clicks out, set the rebounds at 17).

Remember: turn the clickers in(clockwise) until they stop, and then out (counter-clockwise) until desired setting.  (Confused? Don’t worry, Solid Performance will be onsite at OAOMX to help anyone who wants to try this exercise with their own bike.)

IMG_2314 copy.jpeg


Riders commonly want to know how to adjust their suspension for different terrains (myself included!) For softer loamy soil like sandy conditions, the compression and rebound adjusters should be turned in (stiffened). This will help the suspension force through the soft soil/mud/sand to get traction, and the stiffer aka slower rebound will keep the bike planted rather than wallowing.

For harder terrain like rocks and hard pack moto tracks, both the compression and rebound adjusters should be turned out (softer). This will allow the suspension to soak up the hard hits, and the soft aka faster rebound will allow the suspension to return to full height to be ready for the next big hit. The 2 compression:1 rebound rule of thumb would still apply (as referenced above).



Solid Performance will be on-site at Over And Out Moto-X Saturday October 5, 2019 to answer suspension questions, to help you dial in these details as you ride, and to support attendees with general maintenance**.



Solid Performance is doing us a solid (haha) and kicked in some rad prizes you can enter to win onsite!

  • A FREE Suspension Tuning with Purchase of Complete Service, a $200 value! (once tuned, setting can be adjusted at any future service).

  • A FREE 2 Hr Service Labor Credit (excluding suspension, but can be used towards suspension removal and install).

  • A Troy Lee Designs GP Air Grey and Orange, Gloves, Jersey and Pants Set.

** ”General Maintenance” does not mean show up with a broken bike. Support services are available for general wear and tear issues, not in-depth mechanical issues that require longer time at a garage or a parts order. Please ensure your bike is in proper riding condition before coming. :) Thank you!

Meet Motocross Racer Samantha Fritz

Our first Moto-X event is less than a month away, with a private motocross track, grass and woods tracks less than an hour from NYC and Philadelphia. We’re getting super excited to watch our female attendees rip that motocross track, try the mx track for the first time, harness new skills and make some #fastfriends!

Speaking of ALL of the above, meet Samantha Fritz! Sam will be joining us at OAOMX, and if there’s anyone you’ll want to talk to about getting into mx racing, it’s her! Her family owns local track Hurricane Hills (incidentally the first track I ever rode as a new rider), she races and is involved with District 34.

Get to know Sam right here, and then get to know her even better (and ride with her!) at OAOMX!

Samantha Fritz Motocross.jpg

Samantha Fritz - Pompton Plains, NJ

2018 CRF 250 and 2005 CR 125


I started riding when I was about 6 years old when my dad bought my older brother and I a pw80.  I grew up going to the motocross tracks with my family, because my dad rode nearly his entire life. My two biggest inspirations to race were my dad & Travis Pastrana!  I wanted to be just like them!

My dad said if I wanted to race that I needed to practice a lot and be self-sufficient: to start my bike by myself, to pick up my bike by myself, get around the track and not be a hazard to other racers by knowing how to hold my line and that sort of thing. 

I wanted to do it, so any chance could, I went to train and practice with my dad and brother in the woods and at the tracks. I started racing at age 13 on a KX100.



At my very first race they were awarding trophies to the top 8 racers. There were 8 big bikes and 4 small bikes including myself. I REALLY wanted a trophy, so I knew I had to beat the other small bikes and 1 of the big bikes. The first moto I beat all the small bikes. The second moto I beat all the small bikes and 1 of the big bikes to get 8th overall and my first trophy! After that I was hooked!

I worked my way up from racing my first ever race in 2002 to qualifying for Loretta's in 2007. I didn't have the best of luck down there but it's still awesome to say that I went there and gave it my all. I've diced it out in the “boys” classes over the years as well, and currently I race the 25+B, 30+B, and women’s' classes in the 2019 District 34 season. I've earned lots of championships and I'm proud of where I am now.



I love the jumps!  There is nothing that beats the feeling of flying.  I also love the moto community!  All of my best friends are at the tracks and I don't think any other sport has so many people willing to help out when you need a hand. 

Track image.jpg


My family purchased Hurricane Hills in Clifford, PA in 2006. It was like a dream come true for a young racer like me! Over the years I’ve learned what hard work it really is to maintain a racetrack.

I've worked pretty much every job at our track from working the front gate, to signing riders up for racing, flipping burgers, picking rocks, weed whacking, picking up garbage, watering the track, ripping the track with the tractor…. you name it!

It’s given me a lot of insight being both a rider and promoter, being out there on the track as a racer/rider but also working to try to give everyone the best value for their time at the track. Seeing both sides has helped me contribute to the facility and community. At Hurricane Hlils, we have mx races and harescrambles for both bikes and quads.


Come on out!  Even if you just come to a race and hang out.  Everyone in the MX community is awesome.  If you come to a District 34 event, I'd be more than happy to show you around and help you out if you want to get involved with racing.  



I've been the points-keeper for District 34 since about 2011.  At the motocross races, you need a District or Series card to show your skill level, as required by the AMA. 

During a typical day at the races, I help sign up riders for our district card with applications, I track their points, make them a membership card, and help host the banquet at the end of the season. 


I also reach out to companies for sponsorships for our riders and the bike manufacturers for contingency as well. Like I said, I know what it's like to be on both sides of the fence - as a promoter and a rider - so I work hard to help racers save money with sponsorship deals. If I can help people get to an extra race or two with that money saved and help out sponsors reach more customers, that's a win-win in my book! 


It's going to be so fun to hang out, ride with all ladies and meet some new people!  Can't wait to see you all there! :D

Rental House at OAOMX


Sorry, this baby went fast!

Rent an entire house just for you and your crew for the weekend of Over And Out Moto-X! Stay in comfort right on site at the event. Walk right out the front door, jump on your bike and hit the track, trails or local roads each day at OAOMX!


The house has its own driveway branching right off the main event space driveway, and features a, eat-in kitchen with modern appliances, 2 full baths, and a wrap-around porch overlooking endless farm fields and the tree-lined drive. Sleeps up to 12 people comfortably with 3 bedrooms, 4 beds and 2 pull-outs.

Sorry, as of 8/20 the house is taken. If, for any reason, it opens up again we will shout it out via social or email.