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Off-Road Riding Options for Fall 2019!

Riding, riding and MORE riding… It’s what we’re all about!

Last year a lot of girls reached out to us after Over And Out asking where they could go ride next, and since public riding land in the Northeast is pretty scarce we didn’t have a whole lot of suggestions. Well, the tides are turning as our community grows, and this year we’ve got some rad recommendations!

Check out some of these off-road riding options for Fall 2019, and go have some more adventures!!!

Illustration by @blindthistle

Illustration by @blindthistle


For the first time in their 5-year run producing super-fun women’s riding events, the Babes In The Dirt crew is heading east to Greenville, TN and it’s sure to be a RAD time!

This 3-day 2-night event will be at the I-81 Motorsports Park with MX Training from Ashley Fiolek, Flat Track School from Johnny Lewis and demos from Husqvarna Motorcycles!

We’ll see you there! Learn more at

@marcoinithewoods photographed by Jenny Linquist

@marcoinithewoods photographed by Jenny Linquist

Photo by Jenny Linquist

Photo by Jenny Linquist

@onewheelwheatley photographed by Jenny Linquist

@onewheelwheatley photographed by Jenny Linquist


The DVTR guided the dual sport rides that ran off-site from Over And Out this year, and they were nothing short of amazing! The DVTR is all about that pure love of riding and having fun with friends.

DVTR members gain club affiliation that allows them to race in ECEA hare scrambles and enduros; plus the DVTR hosts their own events. They are running America’s longest-running dual sport, the Michaux, (which has been sold out for months! sorry!) but they have more events to come, like their Dirty Santa Ride - a family-friendly ride that benefits Toys for Tots at holiday time. Learn more at

Illustration by Lydia Roberts @lydiarobotica

Illustration by Lydia Roberts @lydiarobotica


Our newest event hits the Northeast just in time for beautiful Fall weather and changing leaves. We’re super excited to take over another beautiful private property for ladies only! Join us on a gorgeous farm to ride a fun, private motocross track, woods loops, the greater farmland, or take a map to go on a lovely 80/20 dual sport ride to explore the area and moto-tourist-friendly Delaware River towns nearby.

Read more about the riding options at OAOMX here, and stay tuned for all exciting event details posting over the next month by subscribing to our email list.

Photo by Kelly McCaughey

Photo by Kelly McCaughey

Photo by Kelly McCaughey

Photo by Kelly McCaughey

Photo by Kelly McCaughey

Photo by Kelly McCaughey


We are so stoked to partner with Famous Reading Outdoors on our Summer event. I’ve been riding on this land for years and have had some of my biggest challenges (aka getting my ass handed to me) and triumphs riding this wild coal-mining terrain so it’s near to my heart.

It’s also great because you can ride there year round and experience some super challenging stuff. FRO has expanded their offerings, making it easy to try a one-day trial pass, or secure an annual membership and maps online! Learn more at:

Guided Dual Sport Rides

We’re super proud to have the Del Val Trail Riders as our partners, helping us create amazing dual sport routes for this year’s Over And Out! The DVTR team knows the area well, and has not only helped us create banging routes, but key members will be supporting us as guides and sweeps!

For riders with plated dirt bikes, enduros or dual sport bikes, these rides will go out from the OAO event space and explore some awesome off-road routes in the local area. Reminder: you must have an event ticket to sign up for the dual sport rides! Get one here.

Learn all about this year’s rides and sign up below!

Marika Pamart Dual Sport.jpg


Our amazing guide this year is Marika Pamart, a passionate rider and coordinator of all-women’s track days. Marika will be leading the pack, flanked by experienced dual sport sweeps from the DVTR. You’ll be in excellent hands on this ride, 1000%!

Marika is super passionate about female riding experiences, and just as Over And Out was created to provide cross-exposure for women who ride enduro vs. dual sport, Marika also created a program called Ruts To Racelines that has the same philosophy - exposing asphalt track riders to dirt and vice-versa!

Marika Pamart Over And Out.jpg



Friday’s route will go out from OAO to the town of Centralia, PA, once a populated coal mining town until an uncontrollable underground fire broke out in the mining tunnels back in 1962, still burning to this day!


The town went into decline, and in the 90’s the town’s buildings were condemned and the zip code officially eliminated. Since then the ground has continued to fissure and shift making it an eerie sight. The town was the inspiration for the design of the psychological horror game, Silent Hill.

Silent Hill.jpg

What was once PA Route 61 has over time come to be known as The Graffiti Highway. Here’s a nice article about The Graffiti Highway on Forbes. And, here’s a hilarious one from Buzzfeed.

Centralia OffRoad.jpg
Centralia Graffiti Highway.jpg


The town of Jim Thorpe was originally named Mauch Chunk, meaning “Mountain of the Sleeping Bear”. Nestled between beautiful ridges full of foliage, it has been referred to as “The Switzerland of America” and consistently named one of the Most Beautiful Small Towns in America!


Saturday’s dual sport ride will depart from the OAO event and cover a wide range of terrain: farm roads with sweeping views, dirt trails through the woods, rocky haul roads and more. You’ll stop along some beautiful overlooks for fun photo ops before making your way into the town of Jim Thorpe.

XT250 Yamaha.jpg
Marika WR250r.jpg

This ride will stop in town by about 12pm to grab lunch at Molly Maguires (lunch is not included). The restaurant is named for the Molly Maguires - a 19th century Irish secret society known for activism, but whose members were accused of crimes and executed right in the town of Mauch Chunk, now Jim Thorpe. This history remains a big piece of local Pennsylvania lore.

And on the way back you’ll stop for ice cream! haha.

NJORR Lessons & DS2160x10802.jpg


  • These routes are for plated, registered and insured bikes, low to mid-range cc.

  • We recommend a max of 650cc, flexible to what you are comfortable on.

  • You must have a license and wear a DOT helmet, familiarize yourself with hand signals.

  • We strongly encourage full protective riding gear - armored jackets, boots, gloves.

  • Please read ALL the guidelines, requirements and recommendations on the Eventbrite registration page.

  • Please be prepared at your time of departure with a full tank and an empty bladder :)

And, of course, have a frickin’ BLAST!!!

NJORR Group Lessons at Over And Out!

North Jersey Off-Road Riding School will be on site providing group lessons. NJORR is owned and operated by off-road coach Mitch Schappert, who will be joined by daughters Erin & Mikayla to offer fun, supportive, and confidence-boosting instruction at OAO!

You must have a ticket to Over And Out 2019 in order to attend and take advantage of these group sessions. Check out the schedule, and descriptions below:

NJORR Lessons & DS2160x1080.jpg


INTRO (1.5 hrs)

If you are brand new to riding a motorcycle at all, or If you're brand new to riding an off-road motorcycle (dirt bike). All the basics will be covered: proper body position, starting the bike up, controls, braking, shifting gears. Classes will be conducted on flat, grass-covered terrain.

  • Gear required - Full-face helmet, gloves, goggles, boots that cover the ankle, long pants, long sleeves

  • Bikes - Bring Your Own OR there are a limited number of loaner bikes available for intro lessons only. Select that option if you need a loaner.


"Intermediate" is a broad word, which is why these classes are longer. Most attendees will fall into this category. These groups will use different areas on the property to practice techniques in natural scenarios: going up and down hills, making tight turns, improving form and speed, crossing obstacles, crossing rocks, and more techniques you can put to use during the remainder of your time at OAO!

  • Gear required - Full-face helmet, gloves, goggles, off-road riding boots, gear set, knee, back, and/or elbow protection.

  • Bikes - BYO

ADVANCED (1.5 hrs)

This Advanced session will teach the techniques behind next-level moves like larger obstacle crossing, pivot-turns and everyone's favorite...wheelies! 

  • Gear required - Full-face helmet, gloves, goggles, off-road riding boots, gear set, knee, back, and/or elbow protection.

  • Bikes - BYO



Who can register for lessons? All ticket holders. You must have a ticket to Over And Out 2019 in order to attend and take advantage of lessons, one per person.

What if I don’t have a bike? The only sessions we’re offering loaners for are in the Intro groups. There are a very limited number of loaner bikes so act fast, and select one of the options that says “w/ Loaner Bike”. Also, check out our post about rentals from GPMX.

What if I book but can’t make it or change my mind? If you reserve a spot and then decide you cannot attend please be sure to free up the ticket so someone else may. Instructions on how to do that are here.

NJORR Lessons & DS2160x10802.jpg

What about the guided dual sport rides?

Details and signup for the dual sport routes are coming next. After seeing the demand for lessons, we decided to add a second dual sport route!

Friday 1pm-5pm - This guided ride will venture out on trails into Centralia, PA where coal fires have burned underground since the 60’s, home of the Graffiti Highway.

Saturday 9am-4pm - Deluxe ride that goes through rocky trails, woods, farm roads and more, circling through the adorable historic town of Jim Thorpe and stopping for a quick lunch there!

If you have a plated bike, definitely join in one of these rides!!!

Don't forget your gear and your Positive Mental Attitude! :)

Saturday Night Fun Under the Red Bull Tent!

Whoo-weee, do we have some fun planned for Saturday night at Over And Out! After a day full of riding trails and playing moto games, we’ll keep the stoke-level raging under the Red Bull tent!

Photo courtesy Red Bull Media pool.

Photo courtesy Red Bull Media pool.

Red Bull presents some of the most exciting and difficult enduro events in the WORLD, and nothing gets me more amped than seeing those Red Bull arches mark the top of an insane climb or course (like they do at Red Bull Romaniacs or Erzbergrodeo); or, to see those Red Bull wigwam tents in a crowd, like they do at National Motocross races and other massive motorsports events.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be fantasizing about dirt bike greatness as we climb the rocky mountainside and see that tent down below marking the way back to base camp! And, we’ll have a blast under it together come Saturday night between 8-11pm. Check out the details…

Tracy So.jpg

One of our own dirt-bike loving ladies, Tracy So, aka @tracysowhat, will be serving up some custom Red Bull drinks with Yellow-edition Tropical Red Bull (my personal favorite), and Purple-edition sugar free Acai Berry Red Bull. Be warned: If it’s yellow, it probably won’t make you mellow; if it’s purple, it might make you burple!

DJ Sara M.jpg

We’ll also be graced with the presence of DJ Sara M, aka @thedivine_miss_m, who will be keeping the good vibes alive and spinning some rock, punk, new wave, and more of our favorite dance and singalong tunes. We can’t wait to party with yas!!!

At the time of posting this, we’re 75% full! Lesson and Guided Dual Sport signups will be coming in May, and (in case you missed it) there are rental bikes available through GPMX!

OAO Featured on Toyota's #Makeup2Mud!

Yeah, I’m pretty psyched! When the producer of Toyota’s #Makeup2Mud reached out to me, I wasn’t sure what would come of it, but here we are!

Our #Makeup2Mud feature aired during last weekend’s Supercross race at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX - home to one of the largest Jumbotron screens in the world! (Insert joke about how big my butt must’ve looked on that screen lol jk)

In all seriousness, filming this was an awesome experience and I love the way the video also features some of the attendees. After all, the event isn’t about me, it’s about all of the women who love to ride and what we as women need in order to expand those experiences. Check it out below!


Alexa Garpo, Jason Monroe and Stephen Erikson who filmed, edited and produced the video

Supercross Live, Feld Entertainment and Toyota USA

Dan Sternaimolo who helped while filming and taught me how to ride in the first place

Nolan Forlenza for the wood pile :)

Joy Napolitan, Fox Women and Fox Racing

Marc Grossman and Spy Optic

Over And Out sponsors and The Bear Creek Sportsmen club

Ashmore Ellis and Anya Violet for being amazing supporters of me, Over and Out, and for leading the way for a new wave of women in the sport and industry

ALL the ladies who attend and support Over And Out!

Meet Meghan Milligan, Coordinator for Over And Out
Photo by Sarah Van Tassel

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel

Meghan Milligan - Pittsburgh, PA - @meggymilly

KTM 200xcw


My fiancé Adam was the one who got me into riding off-road. When I first started riding in 2014, I only wanted to ride street and never have thought that I would get into riding dirt. Now if I ever had to choose between the two, street or dirt, I would choose to ride off-road, hands down! I would always watch videos of Adam ripping through trails and was completely mesmerized — I wanted to experience that same adrenaline feeling. 

I first learned how to ride dirt on my 1992 Suzuki DR350. It was a great bike to start out on, but once I got a taste of a 2-stroke dirt bike that was it — I needed something more compatible for the riding style I craved.

Photo by Adam Frye

Photo by Adam Frye

Adam then surprised me for Christmas one year with a 1996 Kawasaki KX125. That's the bike that made me completely fall in love with riding 2-strokes. The power completely changed my outlook on riding off-road and I couldn't stop smiling underneath my helmet.

However, my KX was at times challenging to ride due to some minor imperfections. I wanted to desperately advance in my skill set so instead of putting tons of money to fix up an old bike I decided to sell it to RIDE ORANGE!  I am now the proud owner of a 2009 KTM 200 XC-W and couldn't be more pumped! It's an incredible bike to ride trails and help me grow as a rider. 

Photo by Adam Frye

Photo by Adam Frye


There is nothing more thrilling than riding through the woods trying to get through each obstacle that comes your way. You get to ride through nature's very own playground — log crossings, rocky terrain, ruts — the list goes on. What really keeps it exciting that you can ride a route one weekend and by the next one it can change completely! Riding trails really improves your technical skill set — especially when riding tight single-track. And let's be real, it doesn't hurt that you're surrounded by the amazing scenery of the woods. 



I love that you are constantly challenging yourself off-road. There is always something new to learn and you’re continuously working on improving your skills.  It's an incredible feeling when you are able to get through an obstacle that you once struggled with.


The first I heard about Over And Out was when Kelly mentioned to me that she wanted to create a ladies-only off-road event here on the East Coast. There was no event like that on our side of the country and Kelly was determined to make it happen! While she worked on plans for a public event, she organized a smaller trial event with a handful of women (of all levels) and women loved it. After that I was ECSTATIC to hear the official plans for Over And Out were a GO, and that we were finally getting a women's off-road event here on the East Coast!!  

Photo by Adam Frye

Photo by Adam Frye

As far as my involvement with Over And Out, I'm helping to bring in great items for the raffle, am assisting with event set-up and...pretty much whatever else is needed to produce an event like this! It's really fun to coordinate all of the exciting things to come! 


I feel honored to help assist Kelly in the planning of OAO — it's great to have an incredible woman in the off-roading community be the brains behind this event, but even better to help a friend that I have connected with through the love of riding dirt bikes! We met at the first Babes Ride Out East Coast and I was pumped to meet a woman who loves riding trails like me! 

When Kelly first told me that she was planning Over And Out I immediately volunteered to help in any way I could! I always wished there was a dirt bike/off-road event out here for women and I couldn't be happier that it is now a reality.

Riding dirt bikes has become such a huge part of my life so being able to help with Over And Out is very important to me. I can't wait to meet more great people, and I can't wait to RIDE!

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel

Photo by Sarah Van Tassel