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Women's East Coast Enduro Ambassadors at Over And Out

Over And Out Moto brings together women who ride (or want to ride) all types of off-road terrain including woods, enduro, dual sport, motocross and more.

If you don’t know where to begin with off-road riding it can be confusing or challenging to get started, and it can be super intimidating to join a race unless you meet people who help you along, or meet friends who try it with you!

Sure enough in the past year since our first event, a handful of women who met at OAO teamed up to do their first enduros, races and hare scrambles as members of the DVTR riding club. These ladies are coming back to OAO this year, ready to lend their advice about moving forward into new off-road riding (and racing!) adventures..


“What I love most about racing and riding in the ECEA is the opportunity to ride through beautiful places that are normally closed off to bikes, and the chance to pursue the next level of riding on my own terms, without being pressured into winning.”
- Katie Baden, Delaware Valley Trail Riders, KTM Freeride


”I am in awe that I even showed up to my first race. You know when you fully believe that something is out of your reach? It’s for someone else to do. For someone stronger or smarter or better with way superior, bushier eyebrows who can wheelie? But then you do the thing and you clearly see all the make believe barriers you create or agree to. You realize you can do just about anything if you have the desire, if you persist and if you take the chance that you, your very own vulnerable, imperfect self, has limitless potential.”
- Nicole Maniez, DVTR, KTM 150 XCW


“I joined an ECEA club because I love riding off road. It gives me the opportunity to meet awesome women and men who love to ride also. You don’t have to race Enduros or Hare Scrambles to have fun. I’m in it for the trail riding, the people and the opportunities to grow as a proficient rider.”
- Tamara Berisha, DVTR, KTM 250 EXC-F

Keep your eyes peeled for the Women’s East Coast Enduro Association Ambassadors at Over And Out. They’ll be wearing hi-viz bandanas and they’re all set to talk to you about racing and riding with the ECEA!

Over And Out's New Location for 2019!

Over And Out is moving to a NEW location in Tamaqua, PA!  

Event dates remain the same: Starting on Friday, June 21st (the looongest day of the year) and ending on Sunday, June 23rd.  This year, Friday will be a riding day in addition to the weekend giving you more time to braaap with your buddies!

I am TOTALLY excited about our new event space and all of the plans in the works for OAO2019. More details are coming SOON (I promise), but for now check out these 3 reasons why our new location RULES:

Image from Ground Pilot Aerials

Image from Ground Pilot Aerials


This year, we’re taking over a bigger piece of property at 2,000 acres.  This spot is a playground for riders of all levels, with tons of room for parking, camping and exploring. It has all kinds of cool natural features like ridges and climbs, tight woodsy sections as well as wide open dirt paths - fun for everyone.

Fun fact: Tamaqua was originally to be named Tuscarora, but there already was a community named Tuscarora about four miles to the west so they named it Tamaqua.

FUNNER fact: The Over And Out event space takes up the full expanse of land between the towns of Tamaqua and Tuscarora. So, if you’re getting confused by the names, just remember: we’re in between them.

It’s also easily accessible, about 2 hours from Philly, 2.5 hours from NYC and Baltimore, and just a 1 hour drive from Lehigh Valley Int’l Airport in Allentown, PA.

Tamaqua Site Map 2.png


We’re continuing one of our OAO traditions and opening up the gates to a private space just for tha ladies!  This main event space of 2,000 acres is private land, accessible by OAO ticket holders only! No need to worry about any pesky rando’s trying to crash our slumber party.

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 8.42.42 PM.png


The new event space is nestled right next to two state parks. We actually share a border with Tuscarora State Park to the north, right over the mountain.  We’ll be partnering with our awesome neighbors to offer some fun non-riding activities and to help share their message of conservation and environmental education. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 8.43.44 PM.png

Tamaqua is smack in the middle of some great PA sights like the historic town of Jim Thorpe, and America’s oldest brewery, located in Pottsville. So maybe you want to extend your weekend and check out more of the area!

For a map, directions and overview of the new event space check out the Directions page on our website. Details and tickets are LIVE!