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Guided Dual Sport Rides

You must be a ticket holder to sign up for a guided dual-sport ride.  Riders will be slated on a first-come-first-serve basis, and a rider schedule released via email prior to the event. Please read ALL details, requirements and rules below before signing up.

The ride...

Photo by Bryan Finch @572creations

Photo by Bryan Finch @572creations

  • 80 miles (about 3 hours total).
  • Intermediate - Dirt and Class IV (unmaintained) roads. 
  • Led by Victoria Zandonella of Northeast Dualsport Riders. 

SIGN up!

**As of 6/21** Sign Ups that come through this online form will not be received. Please check in at the event to see if you can join a ride. 

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  • Motorcycles must be licensed, DOT Road-legal (turn signals and at least one rear-view mirror), registered and insured. 
  • Tires should be 70/30 or better/more aggressive.
  • Riders must wear a DOT-approved helmet and are strongly encouraged to wear full riding gear (armored jacket, pants or knee/shin guards, armored boots & gloves)
  • Ride members shall strive to adhere to all jurisdictional laws and regulations and respect all others using the roadways and by-ways being traveled. 
  • Riders are strongly advised to follow staggered formation on tar roads, and single file in dirt conditions.
  • Riders are to stay in their position within the pack for the duration of the ride unless approved by ride leader. 
  • Ride your own ride and stay in your comfort zone. The pack will always ride to the level of the least skilled rider.
  • Under NO circumstances are you to pass the rider ahead of you off-road other than to avoid an otherwise imminent accident.


  • Please review the MSF (motorcycle safety foundation) hand-signal and riding formation guidelines here
  • Plan ahead and be ready to ROLL with a full gas tank and an empty bladder at your ride time.
  • Ride leader will stop to do rider checks to ensure everyone’s needs are being met. Otherwise, minimal stops will be made. 
  • Be prepared for rainy weather conditions. We reserve the right to cancel any ride in extreme weather conditions for the safety of the riders.