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REGISTRATION FOR THIS EVENT HAS ENDED.  to find out about future events...

Our 2018 Event, June 22-24 was an amazing success with over 70 girls and women of all riding types and levels in attendance! 

With their tickets, attendees received:

  • A gift bag from Babes In The Dirt!
  • A FREE catered boxed lunch, courtesy of REV'IT!
  • An Over And Out pin + chance to win $200 Revzilla gift card!
  • Access to miles and miles of grass tracks and woods trails.
  • Access to 1-hour dirt bike lessons on a Yamaha TTR, thanks to Hanover Powersports.
  • A 2-hour guided Advanced trail ride. 
  • REV'IT route maps for plated dual sport and adventure bikes. 
  • A 3-hour intermediate guided dual sport ride.
  • The support of our safety, sweep and recon team. 
  • Bonfire s'mores from BH&BR , refreshment from MotorGrrl Brooklyn!
  • WEBIG Inc. Mini-motocross games and prizes!
  • Raffle prizes from so many incredible brands and artists!


Rules keep the fun times going, so please read up....

1. Be respectful of the property, the land, and other people. We are lucky to have access to this private property, please help ensure that we will be welcome back. 

2. Helmets must be worn AT ALL TIMES when operating a motorcycle, no exceptions.

3. Proper riding gear is always recommended, and is required on the woods trails.

4. No ATVs or four-wheelers. No street bikes.

5. No drinking of alcoholic beverages until you are done riding for the day.

7. Maintain safe speeds and be vigilant when riding through the common areas.  

8. All riders must attend the mandatory riders meeting Saturday morning.


There's a lot of info here, so please read it all to make sure you know what's what!

Who can attend this event?  Ladies only, ages 21 and up.

Do I need to have a motorcycle license to attend?  You don't need a license to attend the event, but if you are driving a plated bike on the mapped routes you need to be licensed, registered, insured and adhere to laws.  If you're riding a dirt bike on our tracks and trails you do not need a license.

Do I need my own bike to attend?  Yes though you are welcome to sign up for a 1-hour group class where the bikes are provided.  Those bikes will stay on grass only. 

Will there be any lessons?  Yes. Instructions on signing up for group lessons are above.

What type of gear is required?  Helmets are required AT ALL TIMES when riding.  On grass - Dirt helmets (not street helmets), gloves, protective boots that cover the ankle.  On Woods Loops – Dirt helmets, goggles, gloves, elbow and knee pads, roost deflectors/back protection recommended, and dirt/off-road riding boots. On Street-legal routes - Street/adventure helmets DOT minimum, protective gloves, boots and apparel.

Do I need new tires?  If you’re riding the woods loops you should have dirt tires (knobby) on your bike.  New tires are not mandatory but please check your tires and ensure that you are properly equipped.

What is the camping area like?  Camping on site is included with your Over And Out ticket for both nights of the event!  We’ll have a large field designated for parking and camping. You can sleep in your car, van, truck or RV or set up a tent. There is zero light pollution so let's hope for a clear starry night! 

Near the camping area there is a large bonfire (that will be ablaze come Saturday  night!), and hangout areas with picnic tables. A short walk away there is a covered pavilion, picnic tables and a common area. 

This is a primitive camping site. There is no power or hookups, and no showers or running water. RVs must be self-contained. There will be Porta-potties on site. They will be fully stocked with toilet paper.

What do I do with my garbage?  Please take it with you when you go.

Will the event be cancelled in bad weather?  The event will be held rain or shine, no refunds.  We’re working hard and taking risks to give ladies the opportunity to ride here, we hope you’re on board to help make it happen.

Can I come ride the trails some other time?  Sorry, no. The property is privately owned and riding access is limited to public events.  Please respect these rules and their privacy, or you put future events at risk.

Can I ride the motocross track?  Sorry, no. For this event the motocross track will be closed.

Do I need a working headlight, taillight and to be registered? If you are riding the routes created for street-legal dual sports and ADV motorcycles, YES. If you’re riding the grass track or woods loops then no.

Do I need to be an AMA Member to ride at Over And Out?  No you do not.  We recommend AMA Membership, but this event does not require it.

Are men allowed?  No, sorry. Men, animals, and anyone under 21 are NOT allowed.  You will see a handful of men at the event during the day. They are property owners and experienced sweep riders. They are there to guide and help keep us safe, and they will also be doing recon at the end of the day to recover any broken down bikes! At night, they will retire to their own area away from the ladies-only zone.

Will there be food?  A free boxed lunch is included with each event ticket, thanks to REV’IT!!  There will be more food options TBA closer to the event. There are also convenience stores, fast food restaurants, regular restaurants and diners close by in the town of Hancock.

Is alcohol allowed?  Yes it is, and you are welcome to enjoy alcoholic beverages responsibly after you are done riding for the day.  Anyone caught operating a vehicle after/while drinking will be ejected from the event. Let’s all have a whole lot of fun and stay safe doing it. 

What can I / can't I bring?  Bring everything you need for riding and camping including gear, extra gas, a battery pack for your phone, plenty of water, sunscreen, bugspray.... We'll share a recommended packing list closer to the event.  You can and should also bring food and drinks.

The property is private so only ticket-holders may be on-site. No pets or animals, no one under 21, no weapons of any kind, no fireworks, no promotional or marketing materials, no promotional banners, no items for sale, no pollutants. All trash must be kept self-contained and taken with you when you leave the property. 

How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Use the Contact page on this site.

What's the refund policy? No refunds. This event has taken a lot of hard work and expense to get going, and we hope it will grow to get better and better. This event is self-funded and the product of hours, months, years of work. There is nothing like this currently, and we need your help and commitment to helping us build something great. So sorry, but again: no refunds. 

There are more rules and FAQs that apply to our event and brand in general. Click here to read them all. 

Once again, all specifics for group lesson sign-ups, recommended bikes, packing list, food options, event schedule and other details will be shared via our blog and emails direct to ticket-holders, so make sure you are signed up for emails and staying tuned via Facebook & Instagram.