Flyer illustration by Lydia Roberts @lydiarobotica

Flyer illustration by Lydia Roberts @lydiarobotica

OVER AND OUT MOTO-X | October 4-6, 2019

This is a ladies-only off-road riding event. We’re taking over a beautiful private farm in Stockton, NJ that features spacious fields, gorgeous local roads and a motocross track built by the track professionals, DirtWurx! Your ticket includes:

  • 3 days, 2 nights FREE camping on-site.

  • A free raffle ticket!

  • First 50 to register get a Babes In The Dirt water bottle, and OAOMX pin!

  • Ride a private motocross track, grass tracks, and woods loops on site, or plated bikes can explore the beautiful Delaware River routes and towns nearby. Mini bikes welcome. Learn more about all riding options HERE.

  • Book a Lampi MX Training class.  Details HERE

  • Book a GPMX Dirty Girls class. Details HERE

  • Plated bikes: camp onsite and ride out to explore beautiful local routes and motorcycle-friendly destinations of Frenchtown and New Hope, PA. The DVTR crew will come to ride along on Sat 10/5, but this will be an easy self-guided 80/20 ride for street-legal dual sports, scramblers or even small adventure bikes. Details HERE.

  • Fox Racing Ice Cream Social on Friday Night!

  • Support and suspension help from Solid Performance!

  • “Wings, when you need them!” courtesy of Red Bull!

  • Delicious food from Good Mood Food!

  • Bonfire chillin’, Saturday night movie night, pristine camping fields, covered structures for hangin’ in case of rain, plus more activities and details to be shared via blog leading up to the event!




Address: Stone Rows Farm, 83 Federal Twist Rd. Stockton, NJ 08559

Directions: Upon pulling into the location, you’ll continue down a long driveway and will be greeted to sign our waiver, then guided to your parking and camping areas. Please maintain very slow speeds and vigilance when driving any vehicle along the driveway.

THIS LOCATION IS PRIVATE PROPERTY. Please respect the privacy of the property owners, and only visit during event times. You must have a ticket to be on site.

event Details

event rules

Rules keep the fun times going, so please read up....

1. Be respectful of the property, the land, and other people. Leave no trace.

2. Helmets must be worn AT ALL TIMES when operating a motorcycle, no exceptions.

3. Proper riding gear is required as dictated by the group instructors.

4. Maintain safe speeds and be vigilant when riding through the common areas.  

5. No ATVs or four-wheelers. No street bikes or adventure bikes.

6. No drinking of alcoholic beverages until you are done riding for the day.

7. All riders must attend mandatory riders meeting Saturday morning.

8. Bring your PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and get ready to have fun!!!

details & FAQs

There's a lot of info here, please read it all!

Who can attend this event?  Ladies only, ages 21 and up.

Do I need to have a motorcycle license to attend?  You don't need a motorcycle license to attend the event or ride a dirt bike on the property. Please bring ID that shows your name, matching the name your ticket is under.

Do I need my own bike to attend?  Yes unless you are booking an intro class with GPMXdirtygirls that includes a bike from their fleet, or renting a bike from them on Friday. You do need to know how to generally operate a dirt bike or motorcycle.

Will there be any lessons?  Yes, however this event does not have lessons for brand new riders. The minimum requirement is knowing how to start and general operatation of a dirt bike or motorcycle. Technique training for current riders will be held on the mx track by Lampi MX Training. Intro-to-dirt lessons for new off-road riders will be held in a mowed field by GPMXdirtygirls, with an intro lap on the mx track. All lessons are owned and operated by these organizations. Lessons are not included with the OAO general event admission ticket. Details and booking info above!

What am getting for the ticket price? The event ticket gets you access to this beautiful private property with fields, some woods, and a professionally built mx track that is not too intimidating for non-track riders but also SUPER fun for experienced riders. You get free camping for the duration of the event, rider support, after party, games, prizes and giveaways, sponsor activities, and tons of fun with other like-minded ladies. You can choose your own adventure to make it a solid fall weekend getaway.

The total cost to come here and take a lesson will be FAR less than the cost to attend a motocross track for three days and take a class there (while dealing with everyone else on the track!) And it will be so much more fun.

What’s the difference between this event and the summer event? The summer event takes place on a much larger property (over 2K acres!) that allows for all-day trail riding, and offers guided street-legal dual sport rides. This fall MX event is on a smaller property, but one that features an awesome mx track, perfect for all levels of riders, plenty of open areas for safe learning and great local routes for street-legal dual sports and lighter adv bikes. This event is open riding fun but also can help all types of riders develop and improve core riding techniques, and get acquainted with or straight-out rock the mx track!!

What type of gear do I need?  Helmets are required AT ALL TIMES when riding.  Full-face dirt helmets, goggles, gloves. Riding boots and mx gear on the track. We will post specific gear requirements as dictated by Lampi MX Training and GPMXdirtygirls.

Do I need new tires?  New tires are not mandatory but please check your tires and ensure that you are properly equipped, and air pressure, battery and other crucial details are good to go.

What is the camping area like?  Camping on site is included with your ticket. We’ll have a large field designated for bike parking and camping. There will be limited areas for parking larger vehicles like vans and motorhomes, so we have allocated parking passes for these vehicles.

The farm is well maintained and the fields used for camping are not used for animals. They are clean and mowed fields. A short walk away from the camping field there is a common area with a large covered barn, tables and seating, a bonfire area and the moto clubhouse! There are covered areas for congregating in the event of rain.

There are no hookups, no showers or running water. There will be porta-potties on site, stocked and serviced!

What do I do with my garbage?  Please practice “Leave No Trace” principles and take it with you when you go.

Will the event be cancelled in bad weather?  The event will be held rain or shine, no refunds.  We’re working hard and taking risks to give ladies the opportunity to ride here, we hope you’re on board to help make it happen. (And honestly last year it rained and no one gave a flying you-know-what! We had so much fun!)

Can I come ride here some other time?  Sorry, no. The property is privately owned and riding access is limited to this event.  

Are men allowed?  No, sorry. Men, animals, and anyone under 21 are NOT allowed.  You will see a few men on site. They are property managers or are involved with the training groups and track maintenance. At night, they will retire to their own area away from the ladies-only zone.

Will there be food?  Yes. Food options will be announced on the blog closer to the event.

What can I / can't I bring?  Bring everything you need for riding and camping including gear, extra gas, a battery pack for your phone, plenty of water and snacks.

No pets or animals, no one under 21, no weapons of any kind, no fireworks, no promotional or marketing materials, no promotional banners, no items for sale, no illegal substances, no pollutants. No individual fires. All trash must be kept self-contained and taken with you when you leave the property. 

How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Use our Contact form. :)

What's the refund policy? No refunds. This event has taken a lot of hard work and expense to get going, and we hope it will grow to get better and better. This event is self-funded and the product of hours, months, years of work. So sorry, but again: no refunds. 

There are more rules and FAQs that apply to our event and brand in general. Click here to read them all. 

All specifics on lesson sign-ups, activities, food options, event schedule and other details will be shared via our blog and emails direct to ticket-holders and linked to this event page. Make sure you are signed up for emails and following on Facebook & Instagram and you shouldn’t miss a thing!