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Over And Out is a ladies-only campout and riding event for all levels of off-road motorcycle riders! We've partnered with the Bear Creek Sportsmen riding club of Hancock, NY to provide access to an extensive trail network and variety of terrain for a ladies-only weekend of braaappin!

We are proudly sponsored by Babes in the Dirt, Hanover Powersports and REV'IT!  

who IT'S FOR

Ladies only, sorry guys! This event provides terrain for 3 general rider categories, outlined below.  

Additionally, ticket holders have the opportunity to sign up for a 1-hour group lesson on a Yamaha TTR 110, 125 or 230, on grass, instructed by an MSF-certified coach, while availability lasts. Full details on Event page. 

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NEW / Novice

You: A new or novice rider, or an experienced street rider new to off-road riding.

Terrain: Miles of grass tracks, fields, marked woods loops on-site. Mini-mx track.

Bikes: BYO trail bikes and dirt bikes you can handle. Mini bikes are welcome and encouraged!

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You:  Intermediate to advanced woods, enduro or trail rider. 

Terrain: Marked woods loops on-site. 2-hour guided Advanced group ride.

Bikes: BYO trail bikes, enduros, full dirt tires (knobbies) are a must.

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You:  Ride a street-legal dual sport or adventure bike with on-road/off-road tires. 

Terrain: Mapped routes sponsored by REV'IT! to explore off-site on dual-sport/adventure routes.

Bikes: BYO plated, registered, you must be licensed and adhere to state law.